Why you've released it to Open Beta?

  • Why would devs of Maguss release the game so early?
    When you release a game to open beta, the beggining should be tested so it would work perfectly.
    When I noticed that Maguss goes Open Beta, I was happy, however when I downloaded the game, it dissapointed me quite heavily because I couldn't register at all...
    The next day (Today) I got into the game and, again, I'm customizing my mage with a stupid grin on my face, yet when I go to the 3rd page, I get that "class swap" bug that already has TONS of players complaining about it constantly with no response from developers.
    I'm tempted to play it so I will wait, but I am damn certain that a lot of people that stumbled upon the game installed it, experienced the bug and left.
    So why release it to Open Beta if you haven't got the customization of your mage, the very first thing that player will do in your app, done properly without bugs.

  • The devs did respond to this an hour or two after the open beta started. They're aware of the problem and they plan to fix it today, according to their Twitter.
    The point of an open beta is test the game for bugs on a larger scale. We, as beta testers, should report our findings and suggestions to the developers. Sometimes things go wrong unexpectedly, and that's what happened here. As frustrating as it may be, please be patient with them. It's only been 24 hours. They will need time to address everything.

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