Book icon in profile

  • Super minor issue here, but when clicking on the player icon then hitting the book icon the first time since opening the app, the right side of icons will suddenly mirror the left side in both appearance and function, i.e. instead of showing both the brewing and invocation tab, the brewing tab appears twice and clicking on the duplicate shows the brewing level perks still. Same effect applies all the way down the row. If the book icon tab is clicked away from and clicked back into, fixes itself. Nothing too bad, but slightly weird.

  • I've never encountered this bug. It might be helpful to the devs if you provide what type of device you're using and the OS. I'm on iOS 10.3.3 and I've never seen the bug you describe...

  • Yes, thanks for reminding me. I’m running the app on an iPhone 7 running the beta of iOS 11

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