Can't register account 18.2.2018 (solved)

  • I am failing to create an account to play the game!
    When I press the verify e-mail thing after i have made my credentials,
    I get prompt to type a code, the code goes to correct email... But seems to fail to register in serverside!
    Because I get error that "user doesn't exist" when I am trying to play after that. (even after applying the code with copy paste)

    I hope that things get resolved so I can start my own spellcasting journey,
    I wish you good luck with all the bugfixing, it won't be easy, but you can make it =)

    (problem was that confirmation box has misleading text, "verify" and "ok"
    buttons, i think it should be "verify" and "cancel" to get it done

  • I had the same issue when I first downloaded the game. I think it was because every time I switched from the game to my Gmail app, the game reset its self so the code didn't work. Not sure if it's the same case with you. From what i know you can log in through Facebook and make your account! :)

  • Sadly I am not very interested in merging this with FB,
    And I actually wrote the code from computer, it still failed (same result)
    tried it twice, both times it just failed to acknowledge that I even exist with those credentials

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