Looking for info about stat effects and some other questions

  • So first of all I would like to really figure out exactly what the stats do. I plan to figure it out myself, but in order to do that I would like data points. I'll start with Empower (and critical empower) as well as Defense. For Empower please share your empower stat and damage dealt to a pixie with magic arrow, and if possible please share it at any possible level of empower you have (i.e. with and without a hood that boosts empower). As well, for Empower, if you could do the same with minor heal, (just to make sure it's the same) that would be great. For critical empower, I doubt that we can be as specific, so please just share the damage you dealt, with what spell, to what monster, and what your empower and critical empower are. If you also have the normal damage that spell does to that monster, then that would be appreciated. For defense, please note the amount of damage you take from the magic arrow from the pixie, and your defense stat.

    If you're willing to start recording information (how many spells cast on you, how many you cast, how many miss, how much you evade, etc.) for other stats, to see what they do, then I would appreciate that, and will try and use that information to get the more specific numbers. I figure it will take much more time to get that information though. If you have any potentially relevant information to any stat except HP, I will take it. (HP is kinda obvious).

    For other questions, I would like to ask about equipment first. Do set bonuses only occur between hood, upper, lower, and wand? Equipment has a number on it (i.e. I, II, or IV). I could always use I equipment, and I could use II equipment starting at level 5. I assume that III equipment can be used at level 10, and so on, but I would like that confirmed. I would also like to ask if that is when each deck slot is unlocked, because I got the third deck slot at around level 5. Also, if anyone knows more information about the mechanics of respawning (for both ingredients and creatures) that would be good to know.

  • @aezora
    if you tap on your character (top-left corner)
    you are redirected to your character profile, tap on skills and tap on your character level, a list will appear with all the perks you can unlock at each level (you can do this kind of check for every skill).
    For example: lev 10 you get the chance to find tier 3 monster, to equip tier 3 loot, a deck slot added. etc

  • That's not really what I was meaning to go for. What I want to know, is if I get +1 empower, how much extra damage will I do? How much extra healing will I do? If I get +1 defense instead, how much less damage will I take? Thus I'm looking for data points so I can calculate a rough formula, and then use that for future decisions. Thanks though.

  • @aezora i was quickly answering to your last paragraph, the other questions require more time :)

  • Oh right I forgot I asked those questions... Sorry.

  • Well, I've done some testing myself. and so far I can say pretty much for sure that Minor Heals heals you (when it is successful) for an amount equaling your Empower. i.e. you have 20 empower, it heals you for 20 HP. Admittedly I haven't tested at any empower higher than 20, so I could be wrong but I'll post changes if I notice a difference at higher levels.

  • It would have been great if they (Maguss Team) gave us the formulas to how the game calculates things like : dmging/healing spells , how does def work vs dmg or crit...etc , another thing i was wandering about is whether concentration affects your heals/buffs towards your ownself as i noticed you can "miss" your heals/buffs.

    Having the formulas would also make min/maxing your character alot more interesting.

    PS. English isn't my first language.

  • Honestly I find it more fun to figure it out myself. Hence, this thread.

  • Heal are pretty easy because they don't account for opponent defense : Heal = Power of spell x Empower / 10.
    Damage should be something like Damage = ((Power of spell x Empower) - opponent defense)/10, not sure though because i don't know the opponents stats but it should be close ...
    Hope this helps ...

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