Selling items

  • Hi

    bug or not?

    Selling items from inventory (after you click All) will sell even items currently equip on your character.
    I think those items should be locked and not be selected for selling option unless you put them into inventory.


  • This happened to me as well. I sold the pants I was wearing with no warning. Not only that but it seems the item drop rate has drastically dropped so It took forever to find a new set and they are not as good as the ones I accidently sold.

  • I've seen the option to do this, but by default it asks to sell one, so I never have sold equipment I'm wearing.

  • @aezora
    If you are unlucky as i am, you end up with the same item 5-6 times in your inventory.
    Selling them one by one is really slow.
    Having to remember how much you have those items to be able to set the sell number -1 is also not good.

    Suggestion: Make character slots to lock your items so you will don't sell those items by accident like me.

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