Casting Wrong Spell Shape

  • Hi all,

    Just wanting to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue.

    More often than not, when casting alt text instead it casts alt text

    At first I thought this was a user-issue and spent alot of time in and out of training, but the problem as become so obnoxious that it's clear to me that there's a problem here beyond my ability to draw shapes with my finger.

    Its asthough it becomes fixated on casting the incorrect spell too, I can repeatedly draw the spell 3 symbol, but every-single-attempt it tries to cast spell 4. It even shows the slot 4 half-heart shaped spell dust when drawing spell 3!

    This is driving me absolutely mad, to the point where I no longer use spell slot 3.

    Anybody else? It cant just be me.

  • Correction: Drawing spell 2 casts spell 4 (not spell 3).

    I can now confirm that I can quite consistently cast spell slot 4 by drawing spell slot 2 in training.

    I can draw the shape for spell 2 perfectly, and it will cast spell 4 instead.


  • To ensure this wasn't just my Pixel 2.

    I fired the game up in an android emulator, this way I can record with my phone too.

    Here's some footage in training:

    It's got to the point now where I cant even cast spell 2 at all, it just casts spell 4 every single time.

    No matter how accurate I draw the shape - Is my account bugged?

    Note: It never did this when I first started playing, its like it got progressively worse to the point where its unbearable.

  • I've been playing since the beginning of December and had the same problem except I eventually tweaked the shape I was drawing for 2 until I could get it to do 2 about half the time. The rest of the time it still did 4.

    So I assigned 4 to Cooldown and 2 to something with only two slots. When I really needed 2 to happen, I filled up 3 slots and then tried to cast 2. If it did 4 instead it would simply fail because not enough slots were left and I could try again.

  • Honestly for the second glyph I usually draw more of a triangle, and that tends to work well, at least for me. (Same general shape as two but much more pointed on the top)

  • @aezora said in Casting Wrong Spell Shape:

    draw more of a triangle, and that tends to work well,

    I'm glad to see this wasn't just something happening to me.

  • This has been the case for me too ever since I started playing last year..
    After a while I just stoped using the second spell.

  • Im so glad it's not just me.

    I'll have to start getting in the habit of using a less important spell, there, and just make sure I dont have slots open for 4 to go off when I go to use it.

    Hope they fix it tho.

  • trinagle dont work too same problem with theses two spell form ^^

  • Always when ure new to drawing u have problems drawing the glyphs cause ure not used to draw fast and get the practice and u are always crazy cause u have only 10 secs I recommend u enter to practice mode and try to draw all ur spells one after another in 10 secs when u get used ull have not more this problem, also check gyroscope are always off cause that cause glyphs to fail a lot.

    I hope this helps.

  • I do it of course, but sometimes i make the circle symbol and its make the heart glyph and upside down

  • Found this because I'm still having this problem all the time. It's honestly my biggest issue with the game so far, as it interferes with a main gameplay mechanic and wastes an entire spell slot. Really hope it can be addressed somehow.

    It has nothing to do with being new or not drawing the spell right.
    It could be easily fixed by flipping one of them horizontally so that you start the spell on the right side, so the game would more easily identify which one you're beginning.

  • @aerona
    I have no problem with those signs. If you make sure to make a heart and not a circle for 4th sign and draw a clear horizontal line for the second they won't be confused by the game.
    The only sign that has a moderate amount of difficulty is the 10th, for the others practise in spellbook test deck option by missing and then following the right shape

  • Rune 7 was the one I struggled with the most so far.

  • @antony-hollinsworth
    "for the spiral sign just do a long line before starting the circle" cit, @Coto013

  • Personally I do a circle motion instead of a spiral like motion. Works for me. Start on the left bottom ish and circle round then flatten the glyph a bit when you almost finished.

  • @coto013 said in Casting Wrong Spell Shape:

    The only sign that has a moderate amount of difficulty is the 10th

    Just got 10th and I flows quite nicely lol

  • @Antony-Hollinsworth keyword is moderate
    @coto013 said in Casting Wrong Spell Shape:

    The only sign that has a moderate amount of difficulty is the 10th

    If you lag in pvp a long sign can mess you up. Being the longest sign make it the hardest for me

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