"bug" Need help

  • okay did some of you get your class change? or are we all still waiting on that (did the thing where you send your email and name)

    am i the only one stuck with only the map and no way to do anything? (can walk around on the map but there is nothing spawning on it. cant even use menu)

    i really want to come in contact with one of the admins but i don't have facebook can someone point me to one?

    level 2 stock after the tutorial with equip an item and stuck there everseens

  • I get that when I start to play like 2 month ago, ull need to uninstall and reinstall the app, log on ur account and try to get the heal light wounds spell, check the storage and the shop and click on a video, if that doesnt work u can go to the facebook page and type Maguss and send a mesagge (with screens is better and a video is best) they could check whats ur problem but remember 2 day since beta open and theres lots of ppl trying to get used or problems fixed, but the maguss staff are quick to check.

    I hope this helps.

  • Err... I'm pretty sure that he's talking about having already posted to FB or twitter when they asked about people who needed class changes, and not yet having it fixed. It this still going on? If it is, you might want to check with them on FB or twitter, since they check here much less often.

  • well i can try. . and see what happens. Still ty for the help i hope the see this if not

  • okay made a test to see if it was my mobile but it works find on it.

    what i get from that is i am stuck in the tutorial after you get your heal spell and before you you put your first item on. it might be that the game did not give me a item to use and now i am stuck with not being able to do the mission/tutorial

    also it seem the change to my class did nothing to help this

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