Steal spell bug

  • STEAL doesnt work on enemy's last spell (spell must cast at 5 step slot). Always in this situation last enemy spell casts on me and STEAL dissapeared. STEAL require 3 slots and 5 heat that do this spell very weak in most situations. But with this bug it doesn't work at all.

  • I believe it works a lot better once you get the rogue spell insight, which allows your spells to resolve first, thus you can steal much easier. Also, are you sure steal resolved before the enemies spell? If so, please share a video showing this problem, as well as information about your device.

  • I'm sure. I cast steal 1st spell in cycle. Sorry, I cant record video now, but I try to explain cast chain.

    1. 1 slot Steal
    2. enemy 1 slot any 2 slots spell
    3. 2 slot Steal
    4. enemy cast 2 slots spell
    5. Cast Steal on me (not miss and see buff)
    6. enemy 1 slot any 3 slots spell
    7. my any cast
    8. enemy 2 slot any 3 slots spell
    9. my any cast. At the end of this turn Steal dissapeared. It always dissapeared before enemy cast
    10. enemy cast 3 slot spell on me (Steal no effect)

    Not important what spell was casting. I tested on buffs, debuffs, iflictions and instant spells.

    P.S. I try to record video later.

    Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro.

  • Thanks for the information. Have you tried what happens if you cast a one slot spell before your steal? Does it have the same effect? (Just wondering if it has something to do with the length between steal and the other spell, or the fifth slot in particular.)

    I assume you're running stock android. Do you know which version?

  • @aezora Yes I tried. And than sometimes Steal work but sometimes not. I will test more cases later.

  • @aezora I use MIUI GLOBAL with Android 6.0.1

  • @aezora I tested now some PvE and saw 2 things:

    1. Steal not depend on position
    2. Steal doesn't effect on cast that was missed on me (i think it's bug)

    I'm programmer, so I think problem in this moment. Example:

    1. I have steal buff
    2. Enemy turn and now calculate hit chance
    3. I'm not evade
      3.1) Steal do it's effect and enemy cast his spell on himself
    4. I'm evade (now Steal effect not work and spell dissapeared)
      4.1) Now calculate enemy spell hit chance on me
      4.1.1) I'm evade and see Evade notice
      4.1.2) I'm not evade and enemy cast spell on me

  • Ok, cool thanks. I appreciate the information. Hopefully @Maguss and the team aren't too busy with other stuff though...

  • @Maguss pls check spell work.

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