Whats wrong with Spirit Daggers?

  • Spirit Daggers is rogue special tier 4 spell. But it seems so weak! Tier 3 Energetic Strike seems more effective!

    Spirit Daggers . 3 slots . 5 heat . 30 power . tier 4
    Energetic Strike . 3 slots . 5 heat . 70 power . trier 3

    Seriously. To realize max potential (not described) I need to cast this spell last. BUT how work multiplier? What max power? And situations are so few when this spell can realize max potential.
    So conclusion: 1 useless spell in rogue specials. Dev pls rework it.

  • It's more than just spirit daggers

    Take a look at steal. It fucking adds heat when you steal their spell. I hope it's not meant to work that way!

    Rogues need a serious rework.

  • Spirit dagger if I remeber well do more damage as more sorcery have the player I think that ones do the damage normal with no buffs cause monster have no sorcery skill maybe u should use another to kill monsters and use that one for pvp maybe works better.

    I hope this helps.

  • Based on desccription Spirit daggers deals more damage for every sorcery spell casted by opponent in that round. Anyway i think that the multiplier is not working right now. (i tried it on duel and i was always doing the same damage even if the opponen casted sorcery spells)

    @maguss can you check?

  • Ty Ron and the same for monsters? it applies or not Im Paladin so didnt know hehe.

  • @rurik-vlein-nogard-b
    i guess it's bugged on monsters too, i have to try

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