Allow players to buy goods using Magic Dusts if gold currency is insufficient

  • Personally, I would be happy to purchase items on the shop for equipments for my character. I don't have enough gold right noa but I have magic dusts. I wish I could buy gold in exchange for magic dusts or maybe buy an item using magic dusts just like buying potions or recipes. :)

  • @mxyzptlk You can buy recipes even potions with dust you just need to select the payment method in the shop turn to the left the white bard and you can pay with dust.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hello, yes. Currently I can buy potions and Recipes using magic dusts. What I am wishing for is the ability to use magic dusts to buy equipments or maybe convert magic dusts into gold. Or probably let the players buy golds via google play. :)

  • Ohhh well Ill give u a tip, go out and get all the mats make potions and fight monsters and equip well all the rest sell, u get gold to survive, when reach more lvls the gold income will raise as u fight more high lv monsters more gold u get, try to salve dusts for more stuff like increasing potion energy or get more item inventory space. We always strugle with gold at the beginning hehe.

    I hope this helps.

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