Lose Screen After Victory

  • I fought one of the enemies that randomly spawned (not PvP) and defeated it. It doesn't always happen, but sometimes I will get a Lose screen instead of Win. The lose screen looks like it comes from a PvP battle for an entirely different account. The screen is always the same when this bug happens: same two names that battled, same experience, same gold given after the battle, and my character's level. I don't know if I actually get the experience or gold (I forget to record how much I have before and after every battle). I've tried to reproduce the bug, but it seems to happen at random times without much reason.

    alt text

  • Yeah Ill have the same bug but its only a screen u get the exp and the gold if u wait somethimes change to the normal win screen where ull see ur rewards.

    I hope this help.

  • My only observation so far is that this screen appears when I do not have internet connection and if I manage to reconnect in matter of few seconds it can switch to correct screen or stay stuck on this one.
    I cannot confirm it but I think it is connected to being connected to internet or how good your connection is before you can get the correct screen and this one is kinda placeholder before you are loaded the correct one.

  • Same problem here ^^

  • There are (or were) a number of unfortunate placeholder screens that cause confusion. For example in the daily quests the placeholder screen that you get with no connection, or during loading has some random quests on it. It's just an image not a real set of quests. They should change these to show a 'loading' or 'no connection' message... but I bet that's what's going on here too.

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