Problem in Duel

  • In the last day, i encounter two times this bugs in Duel match. The duel remain blocked on passage from one turn to another: the hourglass continue to rotate and nothing we can do even the exit from duel.

    Hope I may help.

  • Yeah it happens when both player enter a duel but someone takes longer to charge the screens or get disconected, I still wait the most I can and after if hourglass continues I close the app and open it again it works, no loss from the pvp match.

    I hope this helps.

  • I do the same. But it's always a bug/problem. ;) I like this game and I want to help to improve it. ^_^

  • I've recently started dueling and I've had this happen to me twice already. I even got a win message after logging back in despite that i never actually dueled the other person.

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