Duel accept/decline

  • I know the game is still bugged and currently the work is aimed at fixing that but i wanted to point out a potential problem in the future. The option to chose if you want to fight a duel or not is fair when all the levels are put together, as a lvl 18 i understand that people under a certain level 13-15 will not stand a chance. But there has to be a point where you cannot say no to a duel if it is in fair circumstances. I have been trying to get a fight for some time now and everyone declines it, the low levels but the people around my level aswell. This will become less of an issue once more people start playing the game, but it might leave room for potential abuse(i assume some people would spam duel and accept fights only with low levels and such). Solutions to this would be either to make 2 types of duels, normal and ranked and in ranked to not be able to decline, or to eliminate the decline option but add a level range or some sort of MMR groupings. Anyway ...Keep up the great work. :D

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