Exclusive and also less exclusive armor illusion suggestions

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    While our programmers are hard at work, our artist is going to be designing a new illusion for the shop. We want your suggestions on a theme for this illusion. You can go into as much or as little detail as you like with your suggestion. Also post pictures of something you may like it to look similar too (try and avoid copyrighted work though).

  • I figure this doesn't need much explanation (except that he would have a wand instead of daggers)

  • Found This , a shadow set would be cool !0_1519065728427_SHADOW ARMOR.jpg

  • I think that will be great to have illusion of each faction or something that mark the diference between dif wizards. My idea as always will be to have something like Elemental Mages Fire, Earth, Wind and water, Fire =Paladin, Earth=Warden, Wind=Rogues, Water=Druids, or whatever I like Fire mages so surely I will pick fire one or even the red colored clothes.


  • The druid in me wants more animal and ecology based designs. I sketched an axolotl inspired design. I want some designs more lightweight than the oppressive wizarding robes (Have you tried running in five layers of armor???). You need mobility if you're chasing after monsters.
    It would be a simple, lightweight design with the embellishments on the cloak and mask. The point of illusions is to be simple. You can't keep up an illusion for a long period of time if it is too complicated. With the form conforming shape, it's reminiscent of the slim salamander with a smiling mask to match. The pink gills attach to the shirt underneath along with the hood. The outer cloak has a space for the gills to poke through, and is otherwise a dark, sheer brown to simulate brown algae.


  • I too am longing for a nature themed armor, even though there are nice nature armors available. I'd just prefer an armor with long, light and elegant elements, like cloth and leather. Also I'd like to see some cool nature themed magical details similar to the Guardian armor. I'll attach a moodboard I collected, copyright would only be an issue if you copied one exactly as is. Another option would be a "light mage" armor, which would fit the circle of the guiled colors. Basically an armor with white and golden pieces and cloth. 0_1519079910932_NatureMageRefs.png

  • Wel as my name suggest i would love to see somthing reptilian as a illusion armor. Maybe somthing with animal like armor plates, somthing animal that shouts out tank/protection.


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