I finally got into the forums. I still cannot get the app to work on my iPhone.

  • This has been a very frustrating experience. I paid in money on the Indiegogo campaign to try the alpha back on July 4th but haven't been able to get the app to work since then.

    I've tried reaching out to the developers multiple times and been stymied every time except one. But I've finally managed to get into the forums and the confirmation e-mail worked this time.

    OK. So, now that I can post to the forums... how do I get an alpha key? The app won't let me do anything without one, and the only communications I've had from the company said to check my spam filter, which I've done and there's nothing there.

    I have paid for an Alpha key -- I think. Technically, the Indiegogo site says access to the beta, not the alpha: " Early Closed Beta access WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER THE PURCHASE" but it's definitely been more than 24 hours since July 4th.

    Anyway... I'd really like to get some communications from folks on this. It looks like a good game, but I haven't been able to get anywhere with it.

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    You best bet is to PM the Devs either here or on FB with the E-mail you used for the IGG Purchase, and any confirmation information you have for the transaction, like a paypal Transaction ID. This way they can track down your purchase and the Alpha key associated with it.

  • @memnoich Thanks... I'll look into the PM option. I don't have a Facebook account.

  • @memnoich I found chat... tried chatting with "Maguss" account, but no one appears to be online to answer right now. I did not find any "private message" option in any of the menus. Do you have more specific directions where I find the ability to send a private message? Do you know the user name of one of the devs?

  • @memnoich I got the alpha working. You can read, if you are interested, about the problem here: http://forum.maguss.org/topic/76/oh-good-lord-i-finally-got-into-the-alpha-ux-fail
    Thanks for replying to me earlier.

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    Yes the Chat is the Private Message for this board. I'm glad you were able to finally get in, and Hope you are enjoying the Game. Feel free to ask if you are having anymore issues.

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