Developers Diary vol. 1

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    Hello guys,
    We have some good and bad news for you.

    The Good,
    We will release another update next week. This time, you will see a finished battle UI, experience an optimized app (runs faaaast) and hopefully play with less random duel results. We have also been working hard on the monetization design and would like to share the first results with you. Armour Illusions already look stunning! There will be different pieces, whole sets and, most importantly, you can combine them to suit your style.

    The Bad,
    We are very sorry to announce that open beta will have to be delayed until at least October. There are several reasons for that:

    1. There are still some bugs and issues which significantly affect the gameplay and we need more time to fix them (random win/loss, glyphs sometimes not recognized,...).
    2. We have already informed you about our intention to change the monetization system to avoid Maguss being a p2w mobile game. Implementation of this new system will require additional time and we want to make sure it all works well before we let anybody make an IAP.
    3. After we finish monetization design, we want to prepare crafting (can't wait!) and promised Territory Wars. We would be thrilled if at least one of these mechanics could be added to the game before we release for public.

    We hope you will understand the reasons for such delay. We will keep you in loop with the latest graphic and design decisions. Please, be patient. We really aim to create a true location-based mobile RPG with all that is necessary.

    Thanks for your support!
    Maguss Team.

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