Some bugs/problems.

  • I have a list of bugs/problems:

    • During a PvE fight i try to click on skip to accelerate the fight. When I won, the summary page present a PvP screen (like this: with two other players. In addition i got a level but i can't spent my attribute point. I log out and, when I open the game, I can use the point.
    • At level 12, no attribute point recieved.
    • I buy the same potin recipe two times, i think the game should not allow to buy the same recipe. Then I sell the recipe and always go correct. Some minutes later i open the inventory and I have always the recipe but i can't sell it anymore. I close and re-open the inventory and the recipe is gone.

  • @vladimiro Other than the lost point at level twelve the other bugs are known and on the list to be fixed at some point.

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