Bonus loot disappeared

  • Hi,

    My problem is that yestarday night, I reached my lvl 20 and got 24 hours of bonus loot. Unfortunately I still had 1 hour of bonus loot on myself from my last bonus that disappeared (it means that instead of having 24h + 1h = 25h, I only got 24 hours).
    Then, The main part of the bug, is that yesterday night, 1 hour later (so I still had 23h of bonus), my bonus loot disappeared.
    Please help me... My pseudo in-game is: Monto
    If it is possible to get back my bonus or even the money in order to buy it back.

  • That's a interesting bug... it sucks, but I'm sure they will fix at least the second part. You should file an in game bug report though. I know they see those and that they don't check this forum constantly.

  • Ok i send something... thx

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