[Bug] Warden - wrong Attribute Stats shown.

  • Hello Maguss Team,

    I‘m pretty sure I found a bug where the wrong attribute value for Evasion is shown for Warden.

    I‘m a level 10 Warden right now, which means I was able to distribute 9 Attribute points myself.

    I distributed them in the following way:

    +5 to Empower
    +2 to Defense
    +2 to Concentration

    My Attributes would then summarize up to:

    10 Empower (+5 from Level-Up Points)
    24 Defense (+2 from Level-Up Points,+2 from the Warden-Perk)
    10 Concentration (+2 from Level-Up Points)
    10 Evasion
    5 Critical Empower
    5 Critical Chance

    Ingame, the Attribute-Page of my Character shows the following:


    Instead of 10 Evasion it shows 11. I have no items equipped and no active Potions. Can any1 explain where this 1 point comes from or is this a bug?

    Thanks in advance.

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