Empty Inventory Slot

  • So, sometimes I pick up things from monsters or from chests that have nothing in them. Well, I'm assuming it's something, but I can't see it. It takes up a slot in my inventory, and it's clickable, although it always shows the name and description as whatever I've just previously clicked on. If I click Sell, sometimes it shows up to sell as whatever I've clicked on before, but other times it shows up as an amorphous white blob with no description, as shown in the screenshots below.

    Has anyone else encountered this?

    iPhone 6, iOS 10.3.3
    Maguss Build 30
    Reported as a bug in-app: No
    Repeatable: Yes
    Exploitable: No
    Frequency of picking up these random blank items: sometimes



  • @slartibartfast

    Hey there. 😊

    This in the non-working block potion if I am not mistaken. It is listed as a known bug.

    Hope this helps.

    Keep it sparky!

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