Improving PvP is necessary

  • Hi Maguss Community and hopefully team too. I like to speak about a topic which is (as a dedicated PvP player for years) very important to me.

    First after all there are alot bugs even in PvP which need to be solved. But thats not the point I opened this tread.

    I love the idea to choose the enemy by yourself but it also has it's serious downsides which i thought a lot about and here's the point: Matchmaking as it is now totally sucks. If you fall just a little behind there are alot people beeing 3 or more levels under you which all denies you. I can play for an hour and have maybe two enemies who wanna fight with me.

    Here is my solution: PvP buffs and debuffs.
    I am bad at finding names, forgive me:

    Buff: every 5 times you get declined by an enemy, you will be treated in the next fight as you would be 25 points higher. For an example: You have 150 points. You get declined five times by enemies. Then buff stage 1 will take in. Now you face enemies which you would face with 175 ranked points. Point spoiling is normal, so no enemies which would loose a pretty large bunch of points trough your victory. The buff ends when you didnt participate in PvP for 10 minutes.

    This buff really helps to fight against opponents which would fight with you when you fall behind.

    Another idea to provide a better variety of enemies is a blacklisting system: When you decline an enemy theres an option to set the enemy to a temporary list. All players in this list wont appear in PvP duels anymore. All people set to this list will stay there for 1 hour and need to be set on this list again after time is expired (this encourages to think about their decision and maybe to decide players to fight against that specific enemy in the future). Also this list should only contain 5-10 players (dont know what works the best).

    So we have a buff now which gives you stronger opponents when declined too often and a blacklist which hinders enemies to meet you too often in PvP. Now there are some details more to improve which I think would be great in this game.

    First after all, you should be able to switch screens without the matchmaking bar hindering you in doing your things (like brewing etc.). Like the buffs you should have a little orb on the screen glowing red, saying you are in a PvP queue. Clicking on it gives the ability to cancel it.

    Next idea: people seen on the leaderboard should be able to be challenged directly. For this we need a green dot for players who are online and a red dot for the ones who are offline. You will come to a screen where you can choose if you want a friendly duel or a ranked duel (well it could also lead to a "profile screen" which have name, life and some options in it...this screen could be used in future to send friend/guild request, challenge someone or to send a message).

    This is it for now. My four ideas in short:

    1. Buff which gives you stronger opponents when declined too often
    2. Temporary blacklist to not meet the same enemy all over again
    3. Better ability to do things like brewing while being in a queue
    4. Challenge enemies directly from the leaderboard

  • This is a super interesting idea AND constructively put forth. Well done! I think it definitely needs to be looked at!

  • Interesting idea. However, I think much of the problem right now with matchmaking is due to the low numbers of players in general. As far as I can tell there are only something like ~5000 players altogether now. That includes people who are level 5, and people who are level 25. So, I would estimate that there are probably about 200 players your level (if you're in the mid levels), and it's a worldwide game, so chances are 70-80% are not playing at any given time, and a significant portion of those who are playing are not doing PvP. Of course, I don't have access to the real stats, but I figure this is the main problem - right now - with PvP.

  • @aezora Well this is a problem, but for this is the idea to look at the leaderboard who is online and challenge directly. Gives better chances to find enemies which you can fight. PvP as it is is just awful...I made a little mistake not playing with potions and now im stuck eith low levels which dont wanna fight with me.

  • In my opinion, one thing that makes is complicated is the level and hp indicator.
    If you click to look for a duel, you should be ready to test yourself. Therefor I think that removing those would make people try to fight higher level.

    Maybe tighten a bit more the level difference ex: +/- 5 level or only fight people in your division. With time higher level will disapear of low division.

  • @kim-sourdif said in Improving PvP is necessary:

    In my opinion, one thing that makes is complicated is the level and hp indicator.

    This only works for the first match, after that the player just remember your name and avoids you like the plague

  • Indeed but the goal it to make higher level move division. Else they stay stuck in low division and no one want to fight them because they see the level and hp

  • @kim-sourdif
    Even at +300 trophies high lv are stuck and believe me that you know every opponent in that rank

  • lol At this point the only solution I see is to hide even the name ... or maybe we are still not enough to make it random enough.
    I dont know it was only a though ;) I'm just glad to have seen my first person in game today lol time for a challenge

  • Maybe just remove the accept button then ppl will be in the correct ranking for their levels. rather that Low level player building up a high rank and then stopping player from getting the win needed to move past.

  • @antony-hollinsworth I think the accept button is an interesting idea and as such I would love to improve it.

  • Global Moderator

    Lets remind ourselves that this is still open beta - not only mechanics of PvP matchmaking might change, but (and more importantly) player base will increase over time aswell. Meaning more players to match :)

  • @lilithian Well you're somehow right. But giving limited illusions out might seem unfair with such broken matchmaking. Well good that Developers now consider reworking Matchmaking as one of the first things to do next.

    But one thing still isn't mentioned enough. Potions should be disabled in PvP. It is ok when they are active in Territory Wars later but Ranked PvP is in every game all about skill. It could end up that at the top of the leaderboard will only end up player paying alot of money for Dust to be the best. I think the combat system is indepth enough to one day enable E Sports to Maguss and this is no joke. But the potions are just too annoying.

  • @dragoneye95
    Most dust uses are convinence or fashion, the only use of dust that matters is the drop rate boost, everything else can be ignored or obtained with gold.

    I disliked the use of potions in pvp at first but after thinking more about it I realized that brewing is also a "skill" to be trained (even if right now its just throwing gold) and the amount of potions allowed at the same time is limited.
    Banning potions is like banning equipment (both have slots and define builds; potions are even fairer than equipment because you get them by effort and not by rng)

  • @coto013 only thing that bothers me with potions is that the time can be massively reduced on brewing with the watch ad speed up . So potions that take 6 hours to brew (Ice Tea) can be made in 8-10 mins (you also gain 24 bazaar tokens) with the repeat of add watching (yes I know that this is away for the devs to get money for the game) and all the Bazaar tokens gained allows for most players to become free to play Dustheads . Maybe you have a limit on how many can be used per potion based on brewing time.

  • @antony-hollinsworth
    I also think that is something wrong about infinite tokens from brewing and limited for shop and bazaar but that's another matter.
    You can brew potions with gold alone: buy materials -> buy tonic -> buy speed ups and if you need improve the quality too. Everyone get gold and is free to choose how to spend it.
    I think that the gold you can get is just too much but again, thats another matter XD

  • @antony-hollinsworth Well you also can watch ADs :D OK on the go it probably uses up too much data volume but potions I always brew from home. And you only get very few Dust through ADs.

  • @dragoneye95 but the fact you can effectively farm bazaar token indefinitely for as long as you can keep brewing and every 35 BT = 5 MD yes it can take time but with the brewing system as it is makes the MD items available less special IMO

  • @antony-hollinsworth You also don't get infinite advertisements. It stops at about 10-15 per day.

  • @dragoneye95 well iv done more than that in 1 day..

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