Questions regarding the Rogue spell steal

  • I am trying to figure out this spell. Most of the time it seems i have to order the spell so that the oppent cast a spell right after for it to work. For example if i go first and cast steal and the opponent going second casts creeping death, then his spell is used on himself (assuming steal did not miss). However sometimes it does not have to resolve and be cast right before. I've had an opponent ((going first)cast bleed three times and then Drain hp while i only cast steal and it casts his drain hp. Similar to this if i evade a spell sometimes the steal buff will stay and work on my opponents next spell and sometimes it will not. It seems as if it is bugged, but i wanted to know if i was missing something.

  • From my experience of this spell once the spell is cast you will attempt to steal the next spell your opponent successfully casts. With a casting time of 3 it means that if you get to cast first you will steal their spell that finishes casting on phase 3,4 or 5 (depending on casting length). If they get to cast first then your steal will only get a spell that finishes casting on phase 4 or 5 as they might have got a spell off in phase 3 before you cast steal. Personally I would see this spell as back up spell once you have the ability to hold 5 or more spells and your opponent is casting spells that take 4 or 5 phases to cast as your more likely to steal it.

  • I'm pretty sure this spell becomes a lot more effective once you unlock the rogue spell which resolves your spells first.

  • Problem with steal is that it adds the heat from the spell stolen.

    Try stealing a 5 heat spell and watch your bar go up.

    I don't think it should be that way.

  • @crissae Considering the fact that you get skill points for the Spell Class of the one you stole, I think it's only logical that you get the heat of the stolen Spell (because you actually cast it as your own after stealing it).

    I use the Spell Steal only after learning the strategy of my opponent, and I don't show him/her that I have this in my Spell deck. Playing rogue, right?

    We have to play sneaky. XD

  • @munchster what do you usually steal? what about using mirrored destiny instead?

  • @ron-benvenuti not sure how Mirror Destiny works, as I can't find it anywhere in my spell book. :(
    At this level, I usually use Steal only after watching the opponent cast something on slots 4 or 5.

    Case in which I cast Steal and then Drain HP. Followed by Creeping Death alone, to get rid of heat.
    Turn 3, Drain HP and Energetic Strike.

    But I usually aim to steal spells which take more than 2 turns to take effect. ^_^

    Fast casting (casting everything in the last 3-4 seconds) is both fun and gives you quite the advantage as you can slightly predict which spells your opponent will use, based on whatever he/she casts in turns 1 and 2.

  • @munchster mirrored destiny (3 slots, 6 heat) reflects damage of the next direct damagin spell (if next spell is not direct damage, mirrored destiny is wasted)

    Don't you use "reveal" to see what opponent casts?

  • @ron-benvenuti I've recently unlocked Reveal, so that will definitely be added in my book once I unlock the 5th glyph.

    I find Steal better than Mirrored Destiny because anything I deny the opponent gives me an advantage. Steal a Heal? Sure, why not. Poison/bleed effects? Even better. Shields? Yeah I like those too. :D

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