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  • Hi there @maguss ,

    Although I'm pretty sure you're following all available channels for bugs which are reported, I do have to ask:
    Which one of the available ones do you recommend us to use? Do you have a preferred one?

    I've reported bugs only via the in-game report shortcut (opens the Google form), but missing videos or screenshots might cause misunderstandings because of how a user might describe the encountered problem.

    Looking for bug reports on forums (in general) is also quite a pain, with all the opened threads not being specifically named (e.g. "PvP bug" instead of "remained stuck in duel after casting Evade"). And I really don't like reporting duplicates (call it a professional defect ^_^ ).

    From my experience, platforms like Zendesk are quite helpful and organized.

    Looking forward to your response!

    PS: Sorry if I've started the thread in the wrong side of the forum.

  • Global Moderator

    I will pass this on to the Dev's, thanks for the idea and keep them coming.

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