• Hello!

    I've been playing for a time now I am lvl 15 and I have some things to recommend

    Spells - I think it would be a good idea to have 2 or 3 sheets of spells so you can save more than 1 spell configuration ( configuration 1 for pvp..configuration 2 for pve, etc) maybe sell more of them with those blue crystals?

    Spells - I think it would be a good idea to have a different AURA around skills that are specific for each class.. because I currently do not know which spells are unique for my class ( now I know because I looked into another forum thread )

    Bestiary - I think that having a book with information of monsters after you defeat them would be a good idea also..encourages you to fight different kinds of monsters ( maybe you can have rewards by completing it )

    Runes - maybe you can have "Monoliths" ( I do not know if the spelling is like that ) fixed on the map to pray on? to receive buffs to help you on exp gain or skill points ..for example "+15% skill points gain for Dark Arts" or " +10% Character xp gain"

    Character/Monsters Animation - I know that animating characters and monsters could be difficult or lower the performance on the phones maybe but currently I feel like all monsters are rock solid.. they do not move at all.. maybe dividing the sprite on the limbs and giving them a little bit of movement? just a little bit they are not rigid. ( this could be a on/ff option on the phone configuration)

    Corrupted Monsters - Fighting the same monster over and over to lvl up can be a little bit boring..maybe you could add "Corrupted" Monsters that have a % chance to spawn instead of a regular one with 20% increased stats .. and the same % increased exp reward? Maybe with different colors or aura around them

    That is all for now :D keep up the great work you are doing, the game is really fun to play ( I will be adding more ideas if any )

  • Also achievements, like beating like 5K Kappas, It encourages players to keep playing if they have reached level 50

    Maybe some illusion in exchange for that, kappa costume (following the example I wrote)

  • This post is deleted!

  • A bestiary would be great :D
    @parismog yes please, I love achievements and can be synchronized with Google Play Games

  • @fenrikps
    2/3 sheets of spells was already suggested (we talked about Grimoire), so i think Maguss team has it in list
    Bestiary i think will be in the pdf book, not sure though

    Aura is a pretty cool and easy to implement idea!, maybe even to recognise spell's school

  • @FenriKps Good thread, I'm joining you on this.

    Item stats information

    • Tapping a piece of equipment should show how changing the currently equipped one will affect you.
      e.g. Tapping Breezy Bomber could show +Debuff Cure: 12 / -Empowerment: 3
    • Same for the menu which appears when you double tap an equipment slot from the character screen.
    • Same when you tap an item in the Equipment Shop.


    • Add an indicator on the recipe if you have already learned it, to avoid purchasing the same recipe twice.
      • The recipe could be grayed out and turned inactive after learning it.

    Player interaction

    • Allow trading items with players in your proximity (if they have the Show location option on).
      To discourage boosting accounts and/or illegal items sellers.
      • Equipment items cannot be transferred.
      • You cannot receive items higher than the Tier you can currently use/equip.
      • Shop items are not transferable.
    • Real-time p2p chat with the ability to report a player should he harass/abuse others.
      • By reporting the player you accept the fact that ALL the chatlog created with the said player is transferred to the Maguss team.
    • 2-player groups for PvP
      • 2v2 fights would be awesome.

    +An idea I had for making Dungeons happen, which are discussed here.

    PS: Yup, I'd totally like having a Bestiary. Adds a special flavor to those of us enjoying the PvE side of RPGs. ^_^

    PPS: Achievements are good as long as they don't have impossible limits. They're also fun if they don't have Tiers - that would force you to do the same thing over and over until you get sick of doing it.

  • Returning with another idea:


    • Should show all ingredients and monsters on the map.
    • While locked, tapping anything should say something like "You're moving too fast!" as a message, similar with "Too far"

    This way we can see where the ingredients are on the map and can leave the bus early to walk around and gather ingredients if we need specific ones, should they be generated nearby.

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