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    • Sadly, it has been confirmed iPhone 5 and its variations have too low RAM to be able to run the game. There isn't anything devs can do about it.
    • If you are experiencing the Glyph Recognition Bug, Please make sure the Gyroscope has been disabled. go into the settings, which is the gear, and make sure the Gyroscope setting is empty, or in the off position.
    • They will be adding an option to reset individual attributes directly from the game later - it is already designed.
    • Are you stuck in tutorial? Send the dev's a PM on FB in this format:
      • Username:
      • Problem Description:


    There is less than 10 people in the dev team. Please, please be patient. They are doing what they can.

    • To use potions, click on potion to highlight and select 'Use' in the info box
    • To sell Items, click on the item and select sell, for multiples, use '+' or '-' or 'all' buttons
    • You must add spells to your "Deck" before you can cast them in combat.
    • Click on compass to change modes of map movement - Follow phone, follow finger.
    • Make sure you have the latest client.
    • When in doubt, uninstall and reinstall client with every update.
    • Always try a restart first, if bug is game breaking try an uninstall and reinstall to make sure of no client corruption.
    • When attaching images to the forums, please try and limit the size for those on phones. For screenshots, 300x500 works very good.

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