Bug List: Major Bugs

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    • I was level 7 or 8, bought the four days circle range-upgrade and then reached level 9. I got the level 9 gift: 24 hours circle range-upgrade, like everyone else who becomes level 9. But it didn't stack with the 4 days that I had, so I lost 3.75 days of that buff.... You lose any booster you purchased when you get the one from rewards - this shouldnt happen. If player received a booster reward while he has another active, ADD time to his already active booster.


    • NARMON9 Lose screen - After every fight, this screen (see Evidence) flases up before the result is shown. Sometimes for less than second, other times for slightly longer.

    • Forced into an old duel - I keep getting this reoccuring bug. If I wakeup my phone from sleep and it launches Maguss, very often it'll put me straight into a Duel with the last player I dueled against. This isn't an actual duel as the turn counter just remains on one and I can't do anything other than quit Maguss and restart.

    • PvP - some times when u enter in a duel, you accept and the opponent accept freezes the screen like 2 secs and then game goes back to the map, seems like the battle is canceled but no, when i check the log, i lost "duel points"

    • PvP - The player went into PvP and saw Alex2 on both sides with the sand clock just turning indefinitely. Then after her rank points dropped as if she lost

    • PvP - Players are still getting stuck at PvP - e.g after TURN 3 sandclock will just keep spinning indefiitely. Probably because the other player minimized. Check bug 593(628) too. We need to find a wait to prevent this

    • PvP - Bugs: 1. Pressing the "x" button in duel searching doesnt interrupt the queue. I landed while I was brewing in PvP and failed my potion

    • PvP - The problem I've been facing is sometimes when I look for a duel and find a partner, regardless of if it is accepted or declined the page will freeze so i will restart the app and when I come back out my health has been lowered and my ranking has gone down, it seems that my page is crashing but the duel is continuing

    • Random w/l - Some players report random loss even when they have half of the HP. This should be somehow handled better and cause a tie in case there is any error cuz its crucial for us to make pvp working well otherwise it will cause lots of frustration.

    • Going to duel after healing myself by healing potion result in lost anytime I loose 60 out of 200 HP! Health bar shows normally 200/200 but in duel it is 60/200. I've lost 5 duels because of this mistake... It happens anytime using potions. post


    • iOS crashing - Kristina and some other players reported random crashes on iOS version. No extra info provided, it is completely random/


    • Breezy Wand Displayed Stat - The value displayed for the Good Breezy Wand (T2) should be 1.4, but here it is showing 1. Have not been able to check other qualities, I assume it is rounding it off. The effect is working correctly though.

    • Equipment - I find that sometimes when I load the game back up my character is missing gear that I had equipped, it's not in my inventory or anything. This happens without any duels, just randomly. Many many players report this. Also happens after fights.

    • Equipment - Hello Maguss team. So the first big major issue I came across is equipment vanishing from the equipment screen while keeping the equipped stats. This happened after the first daily reset. Tapping on the equipment slot brings up the message "There are no items of this type in your inventory." for the upper body. I had equipped a different wand, my empower dropped from 19 to 17 as a result to the new +1 magic arrow on the wand. Checking in my inventory right after, I did not have the old wand at all. What had disappeared was a Poor T1 upper body adding +2 defense. A T1 poor wand for +2 Empower. A T1 poor ring of luck. The device is a LG Stylo 2 Plus. MetroPC Service. Character name is Bekyrion. Class is Paladin. Location is U.S. (East coast, for play store region)

    • Unable to expand Inventory - When tapping the 15MD button to expand my inventory, nothing happens. I do not get extra slots and I am not charged for MD.

    • Inventory slots - Player bough +5 inventory slots. They should have cost 15MD instead he paid 20MD

    • Hobbyist pack present at start - Players say, they get hobbyist pack right after tutorial without redeeming a code and after redeeming a code they don't get any.


    • Lags during pvp - PvP on Kristina's iPhone SE is lagging. Some of the other players reported the same issue. Could we monitor what is causing the laggs?


    • Leagues now seem to be off. There is a guy having 171 points and being in Archmage league. Please check leagues points in the evidence as right now they are wrong.

    • The info at the bottom part of MY LEAGUE screen (divisions) is sometimes missing


    • Every time I try to register on the app I don’t get an email token. I fill in the right email but I don’t get an email. Can someone help. post


    • Chests picking - Players say, that you have to walk at the exact location of the chest to be able to pick it up. It is not enough to have it in radius. And it isnt the same bug as with ingredients when the ingredient is on the edge, they say that their chest was well inside the circle and still they werent able to pick it up, only when they walked to the exacvt location. THis can be an issue in case chest spawns on some private property.

    • Exploration XP - Players report not getting exploration XP for walking. I will specify more when I find out more but this should definitely be checked. They get XP for getting &/| opening chests though. Its also in the changelog (not sure why as I think its a bug, unless you never got the time to implement it) at row 80.

    • Circle boosters not affecting chests - Players say that buying a circle size booster doesn't let them pick a chest from any further away than having regular circle. Works for monsters and ingredients only. Also there was a suggestion of making visually the circle smaller, but keep the area of effect same size to prevent issues with stuff appearing inside of the circle and not being able to interact with it.

    • Creature AI - Most creatures aren't behaving as intended. If you check the Monster Spells sheet in the Monsters Spreadsheet, you'll see a column on the left. Pay attention to the Blue markings as they are most recent. Tick = OK, X = Not Working as Intended, M = Modified. Comments are there to give more details on those not working. Plus delete any X or Ms once done so we know they've been looked at and we can retest.

    • Speed limit - Few players mentioned speed limit is not working sometimes.

    • Speed Lock - no herb collecting during traveling, herb respawn takes too long once stopped


    • 2nd and 4th glyph - Those need remapping, especially 2nd or some alternative glyphs, more edgy preferrably. Aleksey the artist designed many so there is a lot to pick from, we just need to know whether devs are able to do it as before it was done by Ostap.

    • Spell deck - Some players still experience bug where they have already unlocked 4 deck slots but only 2 of them seem unlocked - other are locked but you can cast spells which you assigned to them before. If you restart, you can see all 4 slots correctly.

    • Fumble Duels end in a Draw - If the player who casts Fumble KOs both themselves and the target player, then the caster should lose the duel and the target should get a win. Currently it is resulting in a draw.

    • Replicate doesn't add Invocations points. post

    • STEAL doesn't work on enemy's last spell (spell must cast at 5 step slot). Always in this situation last enemy spell casts on me and STEAL disappeared. STEAL require 3 slots and 5 heat that do this spell very weak in most situations. But with this bug it doesn't work at all. post*


    • Attribute points cap - Players are able to invest more than 15 attribute points to a single skill.

    • Level Up - Player didn't have +1 point to add. Reported by serveral players. See evidence. Username:FateRyuu

    • Level Up - when i swapped the active app to whatsapp and come back to the game it was normal choise of what to upgrade

    • Spell XP displayed at the end of combat is wrong On the Win / Lose screen after combat (with either a player or a monster), it displays how much XP you earned in the Spell Skills for that Duel. Those numbers are completly wrong. I went into a battle and only used Sorrcery spells (without any others in my deck) and it said I gained XP in Invocation and Charms too. Same happaned with Dark Arts.

    • Spell XP earned at the end of combat is wrong Before and after a battle I checked my XP in each of the spell categories. After the battle where I only casted 4 Dark Arts spells I earned 66XP in Dark Arts (nothing in the other categories). Similar results happen whether you fight monsters or other players.


    • Performance of recognition during PvP - We need to optimize PvP its still kind of slow to get glyphs recognized and put in the slot.

    • Battle UI - Usually, after battle, the screen in evidence appears first and only then after few secs normal screen appears. This is the case on slow connections. Can you put there sandclock instead?

    • Iphone X Players say they cant see top of the screen on iphone X

    • I'm having trouble using "Watch ad" speed ups and shop resets. The first day everything ran smoothly and I was able to do AD speed ups on various things like potion making, check opening etc. However for the past 2 days this has not been the case. I get one or two ad launches normally after that clicking the button does nothing. Post

    • So I downloaded the new version and every time I start the app it runs the tutorial but it has the new version available screen over the selections and won’t go away. post

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