BUG List: Suggestions

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    • Change sound for losing.

    • Dueling Tutorial.

    • Optimize screen use when in battle

    • Cancel Glyph button

    • More animation to battle

    • Duel mode - Ability to toggle remote duel requests on or off.

    • Pause PvE battles when a call comes in

    • Victory screens close faster, option to turn off success screens or maybe just have info as a quick 2-3 sec overlay as map loads

    • Item Drop - Make Clickable to see item info


    • Crazy amount of ideas related to dungeons is in this forum thread Long Forgotten Dungeons

    • DnD style dungeons.

    • Multiple kinds of dungeons that requires you to be a certain level.

    • Exclusive dungeon loot*


    • Android back button usable

    • system status bar remains visible to view network connectivity and battery usage.

    • More information from PvP/E battles in log.

    • Separate Logs into different tabs, all, system, combat

    • Separate window for Dueling


    • Allow for multiple item sales at same time, i.e. ingredients and potions

    • Allow sorting, sort by type(ingredient, equipment, scroll,etc...), sale price, etc..

    • Filter Inventory - ability to see only certain items or types of items (recipes, potions, beans, equip...)

    • Armory - The ability to define equipment sets and spell decks as a quick change. Allowing to predefine your PVP/PVE sets and swap them quickly.

    • Key Ring - Hold chest keys, separate from inventory slots

    • Herb Sack - Hold herbs in separate container from Inventory

    • Potion Bag - Hold potions in separate container from inventory


    • Would like to see Google login, similar to FB login.

    • Ability to register FB or Google to account

    • Check FB login matches to current account


    • Zoom Map

    • Map too hard to see in the sun.

    • Global Map PC accessible

    • Options to hide/filter things on map, i.e. players, ingredients(individual), Creatures (individual)

    • Do something about the angle, sometimes you think you can pick something up/fight it, but you can’t when you give the map a spin.

    • Give the map more details, textures, think creatively and make the map feel magical


    • Chests Items - Make Clickable to see item info.

    • Home Base to heal at, movable maybe once a week.

    • Battery Save mode - Dim screen but continue to run.

    • Public/private visibility button

    • 3 modes of play:

      • Battery saver: 2D with fake background
      • Default: 3D with fake background
      • AR: 3D with camera background

    Potion brewing:

    • Make the good bubbles give +1 at start and then increase for how many good bubbles you press in a row. Bad bubbles reset the counter

    • New brewing system more close to the old pottermore brewing system and the old nintendo Harry Potter brewing. Where you have to add ingredients at the right time, wait the right amount, stir counterclockwise etc.


    • Buff which gives you stronger opponents when declined too often

    • Temporary blacklist to not meet the same enemy all over again

    • Better ability to do things like brewing while being in a queue

    • Challenge enemies directly from the leaderboard

    • PvP improvements

    • Change dark force or the crazy amount of Empower people in general have

    • Clicking on people in the ranked ladder shows some information, like level, time played, max health and just a full picture of how they look. So you can see how cool that top player you have never met really is.


    • Increase shown gold total for multiple item purchase.

    • Grey out recipes already bought or make it have a warning message if trying to buy it.

    • The price of items cover too much of the item itself in the shop. It looks kinda messy. A small box with the price tag underneath the item would solve this.


    • swipe left or right for navigation

    • Give Perk "choices". When you level a skill, give options to choose from as to which perk you get.


    • World chat, country chat, friend chat, guild/group chat.

    • Guild system/Group system with chat, trade system, other ways to help eachother out. For example. “Your guild killed in total 5000 monsters have some gold!”

    • Coop combat

    • Trading, even with people far away (would require a friend list of some sort or guilds)


    • swipe left or right for navigation

    • Set default spell Helper Glyph

    • Have some spells fuse together if both cast correctly, giving it a stronger effect.

    • Some indicator of which spells are class unique

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