Willpower? O_o

  • Seems to me in Alpha, Willpower actually worked. It seems to do... absolutely nothing... now?

    Or does it only block certain debuffs now, that we have to figure out...

  • I have just started testing this and found the following.

    1. it don't last long, so to get any benefit you have to cast it as your first spell as it ends at the end of that round.

    2. Description says it allows you to ignore debuffs so I would guess they are debuffs to you like Numbness, Infirm, Exhaustion, Astral Body, Fairy Fire to name a few spell. Spell don't last long enough to effect obscurement spell.

    3. I don't think spells that do DoT (damage over time) a classed as debuffs and are classed as inflictions.

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