Balancing - OP spells, underpowered ones and the rest

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    Hello fellow Mages!

    We would like to ask you about Spells currently in game. Which ones you feel being too overpowered? Which ones deserve a buff? Are there any spells you find useless? How would you rework obsolete spells?

    There isn't anyone who knows better than yourselves!

    Just keep in mind someone could already have similar point of view or suggestion in mind - read the thread briefly before posting :)

  • I think Dark Force it's to OP, if they cast against you can't evade it of course but it's only 3 heat and 2 slots cost...
    Then it's not really useful to level up your evasion it's better to level up your defense.

  • This spell would seem to be massively OP

    "Dark Force ★ PALADINS ONLY ★

    This spell never misses, no matter the target’s Evasion or the caster’s Concentration."

    A spell that never misses and you cant fail to cast IMOP should have a casting time of at least 3 and possibly have a fail to cast chance.

  • Dark Force for a spell that never miss, it makes to much damage

  • ahah so much hate for dark force! To be honest i think it's to soon to judge but if the vast majority agreest maybe it can be nerfed a bit (higher heat cost?)

  • @ron-benvenuti I think the auto hit is the biggest problem with it.

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    The reason we put so much hate on it is not only because it can't be dodged. It's because people with 50+ in empower has shown up, which can further be boosted by potions. That is a huge amount of empower, but it would at least be okay if the Paladins didn't also have a spell that can't miss!
    Huge empower + Spell that can't miss = PvP experience that isn't fun at all. Something needs to be done to something, not sure what.

  • While I'm not sure how exactly the Warden spells Dominate and Fire Trap work, I think they should definitely work more like poison cloud than bleed. I.E. as long as you recast it before time is up it keeps going and doesn't reset. That way, if Warden's take on the burden of consistently casting that spell they can end up with a huge benefit after a while.

    Yeah, it sounds a little OP to me, but if you consider that they would have to cast a 4-5 heat spell with 3 slots once every three turns to keep it up, as well as doing (or receiving) significant portions of damage in the meantime to really get the bonus it makes it not OP IMO.

  • I agree with the other players about dark force, its way better than similar spells. First tiers sorcery spells are not balanced at all: soulburn is just an upgraded energetic strike, usually it hits harder (because most people focus on sorcery) and cost less and compared with triple slash it does a little less dmg but is way less risky and has half heat cost.
    On the other hand there is spirit daggers which is really weak, it is a downgraded version of energetic strike exept if the opponent cast more than 2 sorceries that cycle; the reward does not worth the risk.

  • I feel Heal Light Wounds sometimes misses to much.

  • here is an idea it will require a rework though

    so the idea is to make 4 spells one of each type
    these spells will be counter spells and if the next spell the enemy throws mach you counter spell type it will not be thrown.

    That will change PvP so it becomes much more importent to throw fast spells and mix up your spells maling it hart to counter or you would be appel to go for a unexspektet big spell
    And it would make PvP more abut figure out what the opponent will throw at you and not just how hard you hit

  • I think healing spells should be done off of health percent not empowerment. Also I think dot abilities in the dark arts should last a turn longer.

  • So here are my thoughts:

    First after all, make Dark Force giving the caster a Defense and/or Evasion debuff. It will stay at the same level in strength but makes the caster vulnerable to enemy attacks.

    Vice Versa. Too weak spells like Spirit Dagger could give a buff. For an example it makes a set amount of damage but gives various buffs determined by the sorcery skills the enemy casted.

    Soul Burn and Witch Burn. These are really unfair ones because I love collecting (also collecting spells of schools I dont wanna use). They should vary in damage depending on hoe many Sorcery/Dark Arts spells the enemy casted this match. Although it could harm the strategy a little bit because you just wanna stay save and in the end surprise the enemy without giving him the chance to counterplay it. But it is definitely better than. I am working on a solution.

    Give all spells tags. There are spells which counters curses but people also should know what a curse is and what not.

    To the guy with the four spells. Just no. It would destroy the depth of the game and I would definitely leave (cause i hate gambling, reason I dont play with Evasion or Crit). Maybe it was a joke. Please say it was a joke o.O

    Heal spells. Big heals trough high empower is the main reason why Paladin is so succesfull. I am not a fan of % heal because it takes the ability to skill as a healer. Everybody could then take the role of the healer when Dungeons come out. So I think there should be another solution.

    I will soon start a new mega thread about ideas I have. I first need to collect information. Hopefully I find a clever solution for the heal problem (and also the Witch and Soul Burn ones.

  • @vitaly-mischuk You forgot that in alter reality text says that the duration is 1 turn (the turn that is casted and the next one) but in reality is is working as an instant (just the turn that is casted)

  • So have been looking at a few spell that don't site right with my in one way or another, so here goes.

    LvL 1 Magic Shield:- Charm spell buffs Defence by 20%.
    So I'm not 100% sure how defence works coz I have not really looked into it to deeply yet, but 20% don't seem like a lot roughly 2 extra Defence for every 10 you have, compared to Ultimate Evasion that doubles your Evasion.

    So unless there are some major differenced in how Evasion and Defence work I would propose Magic Shield follows the same pattern as Ultimate Evasion for x2 Protection.

    Also I would personally class this spell as an Invocation as your calling a magical shield to protect you as the classic DnD Shield spell effect kind of springs to mind lol.

    LvL 1 Ultimate Evasion :- Charm spell buffs Evasion 100% or X2

    Only this that bothers me with this spell is the name as it is not the Ultimate evasion coz replicate is better. A name change is all that's needed, maybe just drop the Ultimate part at its misleading.

    LvL 5 Replicate :- Charm Spell buffs Evasion 300% or X3

    Again core part of spell is fine but I see this more as and Invocation spell as your calling multiple copies of your self.

    LvL 6 Sense Danger :- Invocation Spell buffs Defence by 60%

    Again this should follow as the advance version of Magic Shield as above with Defence X3

    Also again personal opinion this should be switched to the Charm list as Invocation just don't site right.

    If someone can explain to me more about the difference in Evasion and Defence feel free to do so then I can see if the original values would appear to be correct.

  • in me opinion combo
    Cloudkill + gigants strength+ astral body is to op people who have 5 lvl less than me can kill me witch this combo and thed dont need any other spells
    Every battle i start wich Replication=300% evade = 45 evade... in 5 battle when i play v this build im have not see any evade.. we have any counter spell like cleanse? in description not say what type of debbufs is it

  • Another thing that seems to be a bit off is there is no scaling with any spells as they all have a fixed power and are only changed by how high your Empower stat is.

    From what I gather a players level has no direct effect in this game other then to give out a few extra stats and the ability to fight higher level mobs and used better equipment. But other than that a level 15 player can be doing as much damage as a level 25 player purely based on spell skills and slightly modified by Empower and other spells.

    An idea might be to add 1 spell power for each player level. This way their is a reason to gain levels as it will directly effect how powerful spells really are.

  • @michaÅ‚-gosk said in Balancing - OP spells, underpowered ones and the rest:

    in me opinion combo
    Cloudkill + gigants strength+ astral body is to op people who have 5 lvl less than me can kill me witch this combo and thed dont need any other spells
    Every battle i start wich Replication=300% evade = 45 evade... in 5 battle when i play v this build im have not see any evade.. we have any counter spell like cleanse? in description not say what type of debbufs is it

    Unfortunately Cloudkill is a delayed direct damage spell so only counter is to have enough hp to survive the hit or to evade it in the first place.

  • @antony-hollinsworth you can mitigate the damage by busting your defence

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