Aroma & Allure Potion, how does it work?

  • I've read conflicting anecdotes about how Aroma and Allure potions work, and I wanted to get some clarification by getting more input.

    I have read that they spawn monsters, but in my experience, they just attract the monsters that are in the visible range to you. Aroma affects tier 1-5, and I assume Allure affect tier 6-10.

    What is your experience with Aroma and Allure potions?

  • @rollingcode I have only used Aroma Potions so far, and it seems like new creatures spawn just outside my reach, then make their way toward me. I can tell they're different than the ones already there as they have a tiny blue line just on the inside of their marker.

  • @garon642 could be just a respawn cycle being triggered

  • I've definitely noticed that monsters within visible range before I activate it do not start coming closer once I use the potion. They all come from out of range, indicating to me that they are spawned.

  • @aezora I tested an aroma potion and my findings were that it does not spawn any new creatures, only brings in those in view and then any that respawn from the normal cycle.

    I had some tier 1-5 spawns from further away that I had vision of prior to stopping for the aroma potion, and they did start coming in. I got 1 that made it in range, and the a respawn wave hit. Because that area was now out of view and did not spawn anything in view, there were no more tier1-5 monsters in sight. I have only tier 6-7 monsters in view, and there were no tier 1-5 monsters being spawned by my aroma potion at any time.

  • @rollingcode looks to me they are specific spawns from potion, the animation is to spawn them far and then bring them in, like @Aezora said

  • I just started the game...

    How to you produce those Lure potions?

    Playing from home would be convenient sometimes.


  • @javacorpse
    You can't brew aroma/allure potions. Chests, daily bonus and buying them from the shop is the only way to get them

  • @coto013 they are not a reliable way to "play from home"

  • It's better if you just buy them. The gold you get by killing the monsters is more than the potions cost so you can farm with profit

  • @javacorpse as coto said the buy and earn enough money to buy another is a good way to play this game. So this game is great to play at home too.
    And the monsters and collectivable ingredients for brew potions is respawning every half hour, (not exact, mayve in every quarter of hour) so you can make a lot of level up at the very first day.

    For the topic: i found that monsters visible are affected by aroma potions, but only one after one, not at one time, and affected monster get that blue circle.

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