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  • In the settings there is a list of options. Music is self explanatory. Use miles ...not so much. Notify I would assume means the app sends you notifications? Compass adds a compass to the map...though on mine it doesn't point north so not sure what it's pointing at lol. Not sure what gyroscope does, it just suggests not to use. Show support messages sounds a no-brainer. And lastly, Show my location....since we have a map I'm not sure who we are showing it to.

    I feel there is a lack of description on these options and would like a better explanation or tool-tips or something to clarify these. Thanks

  • "Show my Location" does exactly, what it sounds like: it shows your location on the map for other players. Only when this option is on, you can encounter other players around you.

    Miles seems to have no function at the moment - or at least, I didn't notice something. Same for Compass - no matters if I turn it on or off, the game always shows a Compass at the bottom of the screen.

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    • Music - turns music on/off
    • Use Miles - Use miles or KM
    • Notify - Notification Message on phone
    • Compass - turn Compass on off, though it confuses people as the white points south, and not north, counter-intuitive, been this way since alpha
    • Gyroscope - it is recommended to keep this off as it affect the spell casting glyphs when on and the phone moves too much
    • Show Support Messages - show support message in game
    • Show my Location - used as a Kid safe action, by turning this on it lets other nearby see you in game. Defaulted to off for safety reasons

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