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    I get what you're doing when the alert comes up 'You're moving too fast, don't play Maguss while driving.' But people aren't always driving. I have friends that go on drives with me to go collect herbs, find chests, or battle monsters (and we would do dungeons together, patiently waiting on that). So while the driver is not playing, there are between 1 and 3 passengers in the car that are trying to play, but now they can't because the herbs disappear when going above a certain speed. And before someone makes that argument, one of these friends is disabled, so 'going for a walk' is not an option, which is why we began doing these drives. We started doing it with Pokemon, and then Maguss. I understand the need for the prompt, but can we leave the functionality alone?

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  • Awesome to know thank you so much for the image.

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