Idea/Suggestion - Character design items

  • (Hope I'm doing this right!)

    What I mean by my title is that it would be really cool if items were added so that you could change your character's looks again - skin color, tattoos, eyebrow color, hairstyle/color, etc.

    Like magic candy drops or something.

    I mainly suggest this because I'd love to permanently change my character's skin color again, I didn't know you could go darker than default light skin. 😅

  • @garnet It is an interesting idea but I would make that for Magic Dust as another way to earn money for the developers. They also have to pay bills and better something visual than P2W :)

  • @dragoneye95 You are definitely correct and I think that's a great idea!

  • Dear DevTeam,

    I wish there is more option for the player's outlook appearance for hair and clothing etc.Since this is still an early beginning of this game, I will patiently wait for it to be more.

    Also, the color more pronounce (eg. light blue color for tattoo was chosen, but the color still look like dark blue. I was hoping the tattoo at face will have similar color to the tattoo over the arm - light blue).

    During the appearance setting, it will zoom in to the face when we are doing those option as I can't see it clearly in some option difference.

    I wonder in the future update if our appearance like hair and tattoo can be readjust and update anytime we want? Cause in physical human world we does change our hair or add tattoo (not that I have one) anytime right?


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