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  • There should be a Runestone, purchased or crafted, that can be placed anywhere by the player.
    A player can have up to 3 Runestones.
    When placed, it creates an encampment. The encampment is a mine which provide x amount of potion ingrediants, magic dust, or gold coin.
    The encampment is guarded by a mage half the exp as the player with random spells.
    If the camp mage is defeated, the runestone either returns to the player or is destroyed.

  • The idea is good.I would rather preffer to rename it to a Mage Hideout/Mage Tower witch is your home.Something more like: you have 1 home,and 24 h cooldown to change it.Hope coud just provide bonus hp regeneartion and it would be fine.Overall idea of "camping" is cool.

  • This would be a great idea. Make it so you can set up a camp, and it will allow you to farm resources easier. Maybe instead of just generating items, it collects those that are around it automatically with a limited storage. You collect from it periodically and it could generate a small amount of currency. Maybe 100 or so gold, and a single magic dust every day. But if someone finds it, and defeats it they get everything that it had on it. Destroys the camp, and you have to make a new one. But if someone fails to beat it, then the camp gets a small power up. Like it's defended by an "apprentice mage" that has half the players level, half the deck, and the player can choose which spells they use. If they beat someone trying to take it down, they get a power up.
    It could work similar to how Gyms in Pokémon Go work, in the aspect of beating, and maintaining them at least.
    That's just my thoughts on it though

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    The biggest thing with this would be to have a reason to put it out where someone could find it vs trying to hide it somewhere, if you put in the combat/gym aspect to it. It had been discussed in the past about allowing a 'mage tower' that you could setup at home with a herb garden that would require certain ingredients from mobs or dungeons, like animal tears, or dungeon soil, to keep it going.

  • sounds cool to me

  • I think that could be an excellent idea. It could honestly just be another tab similar to your potion crafting, wherein this 'tower' or 'workshop' can be used to cast buffs on and create items, farm materials (with the dungeon resources powering it), etc. I think from there, if you ever included beast-taming, you could expand upon your tower (maybe even cosmetic upgrades, visual customization?) without having to make it a Gym.

    However, in the spirit of combat/gym aspects - I think that something like 'Scrying' or 'Camp' Nodes or something of like, could be a good alternative to powering your garden/Tower.

    Say for example, as previously mentioned; you generate resources and the like, and someone comes and destroys your node. Well, considering its exsistence (time running, material generation) contributes to the well-being of MY workshop, it's pertinent for me to go and restore it, fortify, etc.

    I think if you delve into these 'nodes' as extensions of the Mage's workshop, people will be more so inclined to see them cultivated and grown; it also allows for unique opportunity to include and update the available spells, maybe a Summoning specific skill tree inclined towards the summoning and taming of beasts in order to guard (and thus act as Defenders) against would-be conquerors.

    ~ a few thoughts from an avid fan.

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