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  • I have many of the OP's sentiments.

    Just backed the game in august and already i'm bored.

    That's less than 1 month of play. (It could be because devs set it to easy mode for alpha stage. Or it could be a lack of content. Or both.)

    Updates and bug fixes are there. But it almost seems like a beat around the bush to me. The key things that players want working are not fixed, instead, it gets a re-design. Cases in point: brewing.

    If this continues, it will just be a cycle. No actual progress will be made in game content.

    And by content, i dont mean "Nameplates" "Character/Item descriptions" "Costumes/Armor/Weapons design"

    EDIT: OP didnt meant it as a rant. mine is a rant. LOL!

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    You have some good points and there are things that continue to need to be worked on. I know several people that backed this game because of the RPG aspect that was presented in the information and trailers, and aren't really that interested in the dueling aspect. So they feel slighted when there is so much work being done on the Dueling stuff, and not much being done to encourage group play and RPG aspects. I'm sure they will come though.

    Being part of Game development before, you also know, and I want to make sure others are aware, the Dev team works in teams. You can't say "Stop giving us new and pretty graphics, fix the core game" because it doesn't work that way. The graphics team has nothing to do with the Game mechanics. Their job is to create the requested graphics. Even then, the Game mechanics team is usually broken up into smaller groups, i.e. Combat team, Brewing team, Map team, Menu team, etc... So while it may be possible to get groups to help other groups, in most cases each group has it's own assignments and issues to deal with. In a grand Software development company, this is usually made up of several people per group, however, this is a small indie development team, and doesn't have the numbers as yet to have people to just throw at an issue. At best there might be just a couple people working on each aspect. As you can't throw Graphics people at a coding problem, it's also difficult to reassign people from one group to another.

    Understand, I am in no way trying to lessen your statement, I am just trying to expand upon it for those people out there who have never helped with an Alpha/Beta before, let alone worked in a development environment.

  • @memnoich You mean you can't have a finite number of developers solve an infinite number of issues within a finite amount of time? You're building a magic platform... use more magic! Instead of focusing on a new shield or attack spell, focus on the "autogenerate perfect code" spell. By using your own magic to create the platform, you will close more bugs faster. It'll also help with testing if the developers are "eating their own dog food"... or, in this case, drinking their own potions.

  • @memnoich I don't pretend to teaching something to your company and dev team, absolutely not, I'm not so qualified, but I would like to give you my point of view... Maybe good, maybe bad... who knows? Look a this reply as an attempt of positive support.
    I think the BIG miss in the progress of game is the completely lack of social group play (the success key of popular games like Ingress or PoGo, and I think one of the most important reasons people are interested in this game!) Assuming this part as important, why nothing yet? As a solo player game (now Maguss is this) you have tons of mayor's competitors. As a outdoor social game (Exactly as you show on the first spot that made hype!! - on me, but on the most of people, I'm pretty sure- ) you have more chances to emerge and hit the goal! I mean, if you have a cool strong point, why don't you focus your energy and people on it? Most of sub-team can work by its side on this. One small step in this direction would probably give you more approval and contributors than lot of graphics and mechanics secondary adds and refine. I think people want that more than the rest. Example: Beans made trouble? OK, was a nice idea, but who cares, eliminate it, or suspend for the moment, work for let my guild companion can give me that rare ingredient.
    If you can launch things like this you will also have more advertising. And why don't push it more, like giving to alpha testers something like one temporary invitation testing key to gift to a friend to enjoy the new feature? I'm pretty sure you should have new donators. You know what I mean, the easiest way to help an overloaded team is enlarge it.

    (I'm not native speaker sorry for possible mistakes)

  • @memnoich

    Thank you for the adds Memnioch.

    You are correct about team components and we all know or I hope we do... that UI is different than Mechanics/core that is different than Database etc. I tried to be sure my post broke things down on that level somewhat.

    What we are seeing is more mechanics being added or changed in areas that work well. For example, brewing works other than beans (mechanics) and the occasional odd brew stopping (mechanics). What has been posted on Facebook is yet another (we are now at the 3rd version of brewing?) brewing change that makes it easier and faster for people, that have no desire to craft to be able to do so. It even appears as if the glyph drawing has been removed for a bubble pop mini game? I feel this yet another smack in the face to those of us that want the roleplay and depth.

    Right now, the feel is, for me at least, the developers are only listening to the pvp/twitch side that wants to sit on a couch and blast people with exploits not have to interact with other players that craft at all. Why kill the crafter? Make the lazy couch mage buy a potion.

    We used to see the developers pop in now and again and give feedback. Now many of us feel that the connection to an important part of the player base no longer exists. Sure there was a mention of Mirror Destiny but what about the other spells that are also an exploit?

    We play the entire game, we explore, gather herbs and do alchemy (mine are all at level 50). We work on the full range of magic spells avail by hunting the wandering monsters. I do PvP, (262 prestige with no exploits used). When I can get a duel that is as my division does not often have players. Not that it would matter much as over half of them are on the exploit list. 😒 Gaining prestige points is one step forward and three steps back.

    It isn't like some of the code problems are new. The UI stuff is coming along nicely and that is great. It just seems like the core game concept has changed is all and as a backer, yes I know they can do what they want, it would be great to hear from the team once in a great while. I mean, we, those of us that actually test and report, are actually a part of the team. Communication, even simple, goes a long way.

    Climbs off her soapbox
    Keep it sparky!

  • Let's keep in mind that all of us here, in this forum, want the game to succeed. Thus putting our 2 cents forth.

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    NOTE: my opinions are my own, and are in no way associated with the official stance of Maguss, The Dev team, or the Maguss ARG

    I just want to make clear that I am in no way part of the Development team, I am a player and backer, just as you all. I just happen to get in early and show some prowess in helping out with the community.I am a forum moderator and that is it. I do help out with other aspects of the game, more of a disseminating information type of thing, to help alleviate some of the burden on the dev team.
    I have no more input on how the game is going to proceed than you do, I'm just here to help try and keep things calm on the forums and explain what I can when I can, to get information out. What I can say is, they have been holding on the Social aspect for quite a while simply because they have been trying to get the core mechanics where they want them. Again its a matter of focus, why add more things, especially something like grouping and guilds that can greatly impact the current game, when they are still having problems with the core stuff. The social stuff is planned, it just requires patience as they try and lock down the main systems. They did try and add some social stuff in, the dueling seasons, but more is planned for the future, much like the games you mentioned, PoGo and Ingress, these didn't have much social aspect to begin with. Ingress's Social aspect was started with the players, you chose a team, and that was it, the rest was the players building the community. Same with PoGo, they planned for more social stuff, but even now, there is hardly more than what was in beta, you just have gym battles(even raids are nothing more than special gym battles), most of their social parts have yet to be implemented.

    @Aristos - Were it that easy, but then why have gold at that point, lets just go back to a barter system and let everyone do what they love. Me, I'd be gaming and fishing, maybe even traveling more, now where did I put that Teleport spell.....

    @RobynOakwise - The brewing system revamp isn't just about the beans, there are a few other things that have caused another revamp. Mainly the fact that the brewing system isn't quite what they had envisioned, its closer than the first vision, but it isn't quite there. So they are taking this time, listening to the players, and adjusting parts that people weren't fond of with the current system. There was always a oddness with using the glyphs for brewing, as most felt they should be for spell casting, so think of the new version as a way to do more cooking with it. I know in the past others had suggested being able to add more ingredients, and do more things towards making a potion, i.e. chopping, dicing, grinding, etc... this is a step towards doing something like that.
    I know from talking with them, they have been throwing a lot of resources at the combat/spell situation, but are still having difficulty with the Glyphs.

  • Thanks for the info on brewing and gylph/combat!

    Good to know!

    I think this further substantiates Robyn's point where communication from Devs is important.

    Can i then assume a large update is approaching based on Dev Diary Volume 3,4,5?
    Or have the plans changed with the modifications to brewing?


    Most of us, here long enough, know you are a player/backer helping the Devs.

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    @tc4237 said in Soapbox: If It Was Me:

    Can i then assume a large update is approaching based on Dev Diary Volume 3,4,5?
    Or have the plans changed with the modifications to brewing?

    Whether its one big, or several small, I can't say, I think it's going to depend on when things get finished and how much is done at the time they decide to do another update. Hopefully by the time beta rolls around we'll have something like MS's Patch Tuesday, where we know when the next patch/update is going to role out.

  • are Dev Diary posts on facebook from you?

    Volume 6 is out. Apparently next update will be huge.

    Can't wait!

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    No, that is Brano I believe, I just move them over to the forums when they post.

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