New potions suggestion

  • I've got some new ideas for potions, I don't know if already suggested if yes sorry >..<

    Stats potion
    Wit a lot of material needed on this you can craft this potion and once you drink it the instance of redistributing your attribute points comes up and you can set all your points.

    Skin potion
    With this potion you can change again your hair, eyes, nose, everything permanently.

    Stats/level up potion
    I was thinking about a potion that gives you one more attribute or level point at your chose. I don't know what would be better if attributes or level up...

    For this potion, you might have some requisites:

    • Have the maximum level.

    • You only can craft 5 in all game, so you only can have 5 more attribute points more.

    • These potions are so difficult to craft and requires a lot of materials.

    Any other ideas? What do you think about this suggestion?

  • Other than the third idea, I would agree that it would be good to have implemented. However, I think it should not be a potion, but rather something that costs a relatively low amount of magic dust (to help the developers).

    I'm not really sure why you would have the third potion, after all you just have to level up to get extra points, and leveling up is pretty easy if you just grind aroma/allure potions.

  • @aezora the third option because once you are at the max level it's a difficult and different way to level up, like break the limit or something...

    I'm agree with the magic dust always that it' not pay to win. I hate p2w...

  • I'd like to have a potion which increases the amount of ingredients appearing within and nearby my range circle. At the moment it can be very frustrating if you're trying to collect a larger amount of them. And there's no way to improve that situation (with potions, boosters or spells).

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