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  • Hi, I downloaded Maguss on Feb 19 when it was reuploaded to the Apple App store. I am a casual PokemonGo player and avid mobile game player like most of you. I could barely recall when was the first time I heard about Maguss, but it was a love at first sight. As an F2P player, I did not jump onto the Indiegogo wagon as I trusted Kickstart platform more. Fast Forward to 2018, the news of Open Beta Release was exciting for everyone and now we are offically Beta-Wizards. Here are some of my suggestions over my few days of gameplay.

    (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ Let's begin~ Advancio

    Launching the game

    1. I choose to Login with Facebook, but subsequently, it requires me to click on the button everytime I launch the app.

    The loading time to game is amazingly fast! Suggest allowing seamless login to the game without the hassle or hurdle between me and collecting herbs!

    Loading screen provides Hints for players, but hints usually relate to solving a puzzle. Suggest to rename it as Tips. Also, it can sometimes include Lore about Maguss.

    Character Creation UI

    1. Character Model is too small for my Iphone SE screen to notice any difference when I select my pretty face. Suggest zooming into the character facial.

    Add a back icon to inform player they can return to class selection screen, currently only tapping the 1 2 3 navigate to the screen.

    Do you know you can randomize your character creation by tapping the gender icon again? It will be more obvious if we show it, I proposed a randomize icon.

    Menu UI

    1. Consistency is key, placement of the Token, Dust and Gold bar can be similar to how shop and equipment display the bar at the bottom.

    Feedback Icon I believe this is implemented for the Beta and it just a temporary position. Once out of Beta, the icon can still have a place together with the settings icon in the top right corner.

    The arrangement of the Menu Items. With my limited knowledge as a player, I thought about how these items relate to my gameplay and rearrange them in the desired order. Top row is task related: *Check the daily Challenges, first thing i do every day. *Duel in the middle as a focus, i may be wrong what you guys think? *Shop Suggest renaming to Marketplace on the right, closer to the thumb (right-handed).

    Bottom row is gameplay related: *Crafting Suggest renaming to Brewing because there is no crafting of equipment *Spellbook also another centre-focus of the game to level up and unlock spells. *Inventory closest to the thumb(right-handed) as it is accessed most often.

    Removed Summary Icon- Similar to selecting player's avatar to view overall stats.

    Battle UI
    The gameplay for a battle is to draw and cast our spells accurately and fast. I have unlocked 5 glyphs, I already find it challenging to draw them, not to say remembering which glyph does what.

    The countdown timer The position of the countdown timer has multiple times obstructed the drawing of my glyphs and accidentally caused me to click on it to end my spell casting. This is frustrating. My suggestion is to move it a corner so to give me an unobstructed drawing area to scribble my gylphs.

    Heated bar Another battle mechanic was the heated bar, currently its a line with a spark, personally i did not place much attention on the line until the error prompts me that I am overheated. I think this mechanic is interesting and there are ways to improve it, my suggestion to the UI is to make it thicker and more prominent.

    Reaching Level 10
    0_1519357272788_what spell is this.PNG
    Random message or spell appear when I reach Level 10! Or its an enchantment? Lolx

    Thank you for reading my first passionate contribution to Maguss! Let me hear your suggestions too!

  • Personally I'm not a big fan of the UI suggestions that you've listed here, with the exception of the character creation bit.

  • @aezora Agree

  • Global Moderator

    Great thread! Keep the ideas coming <3 Will relay this to devs.

  • Conversely, I find all of your suggestions to be something that should not only be considered, but implemented. Especially the base screen UI, where you have decluttered the bar and made the gold and such more prominent.

  • This post is deleted!

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