Guild system (in detail)

  • So, as I announced in another thread, I opened a kinda big thread about a guild system I worked on in my free time in Maguss. First after all, I think some things should come before such a system.

    1. Bug fixing; its the most important thing to do
    2. Long Forgotten Dungeons; there is alot potential for this feature giving the developers alot of time to develope the other bigger things ingame --->
    3. Reworked PvP; PvP needs a serious rework, see my thread about PvP for this --->
    4. Travelling Merchant; it was promised at Facebook and I think it is not that hard to fulfill
    5. Guild system; now the guild system (maybe the one I talk about here) could take place in the update order
    6. Territory Wars; as they are really close connected to my Guild system Territory Wars should not come before this guild system --->

    I focus here on the guild point in my list as i already made a thread about PvP. I also gave some ideas in the Long Forgotten Dungeons thread. And theres also a thread about Territory Wars. Feel free to give your ideas too  The Travelling Merchant is kinda easy. So i dont want to start a thread about it.

    Lets get started: At level 10, you can find a quest roll which you can get from the Travelling Merchant (100% chance to be in his shop until it is bought). It costs 2500 Gold. This quest introduces you to the lore of the four factions aswell as giving the player the first little challenge (maybe in form of a scripted Long Forgotten Dungeon?). If finished the player has to return to the Merchant. He tells the player that he should join a faction and the option to join a guild becomes available. He also tells that he need to be more experienced in order to found a guild. With level 25 the Merchant offers the quest scroll to found a guild. This one costs 10.000 gold. It gives a more indepth look into the factions. Finishing this quest and returning to the merchant unlocks the ability to create a guild. Creating a guild then costs 100 Magic Dust which can be done in a guild screen which appeared first after finishing the level 10 quest (a button at the bottom of the screen like the others). This level 25 quest is also necessary to complete for later faction specific quests. So everybody needs to make this quest (for 10.000 gold) but the 100 Dust are only needed for guild founders. So these are the starts with guild. Now I explain the founding process.

    Founding a guild: Founding a guild needs the level 25 quest finished which I explained above. It also needs 100 Dust to do so. After creating the guild, the founder needs to choose a faction. This will be the faction the guild will fight for. Another faction specific quest is triggered which have to be completed in order to progress to the more indepth systems of a guild. This will be the first quest which isn’t easy or even isn’t completable without teammates. More to this later. The guild leader also has to choose a Guild Name (of course) and create a banner. The banner is also very special. Depending on the faction you choose you have a different back colour. The nature faction have green, the Night faction black and so on. This let see others to see which faction the guild supports. Bydefault the guild can hold 10 players (can be expanded later).

    Basic Guild Interactions: These are the interactions which can be done without fullfilling the pretty difficult (and long) faction specific quest. You can invite new players to the guild. You can chat with them. And thats pretty much it. Basic guilds functions are all about creating a communication portal between the players. Real advantages come after finishing the first faction quest (yeah there will be more).

    The first unlock through faction quests: I dont have a plan now how the quests will look like. I will still thinking about that. The first two (especially the first for the ability to join a guild) quests will be pretty easy to complete. The third quest (which is a guild wide quest and not an individual one) will be pretty difficult. The thing that I know is that the other two quests have to be fulfilled in order to participate in guild wide quests. Well, the first unlock from the faction specific quests will be the ability to build a guild portal. Guild portal needs to be set anywhere on the map (where they will stay until they expire; they expire when not taking care of this portal) and allows all players who get the portal in their circle and are in the particular guild to enter the guild base. Guild bases also varies in look which is determined by the faction you chosen. In this guild base you can build and upgrade various buildings (some need to be unlocked through a guild wide quest). The first building will be the castle which increases maximum number of players who can join. It also increases the highest level other buildings can have (yeah pretty straightforward like in some other games, but I think this is always a funny system). The second thing you build is similiar to a tavern. This is the place where the guild leader (or officials) are able to accept new guild wide quests.

    Tavern in detail: Starting with the tavern, the castle doesn‘t need much explanation because it is pretty straightforward (other names matching better to Maguss as suggestions are welcome). The tavern has two types of quests. First there are random guild wide quests (you can have active three of this at once). They will refresh everyday and other new ones. The difficulty and rewards of these quests are determined by the Taverns level. The second quest are scripted quests which will automatically appear when specific requirements are met. They usually unlock something new or give alot more rewards than the random ones. They also can only be completed once. Note that the guild quests are guild wide. So everybody in the guild who has fulfilled the level 25 quest of the Travelling Merchant is able to participate and get rewards. For an example a pretty easy random quest could be to kill 100 drakes. Everybody in the guild who kills one (again, after completing the level 25 quest) automatically count toward the quest. Later on the tavern will give the quest to unlock the Territory Wars.

    As the whole game works in 10 tiers right now, I will do the same for the guild base. These tiers can be done with updates. So Tier 1 is available with the guild release. Tier 2 will become available after the next update which is for guilds and so on. Giving a guild extremely cool buildings at level 10. It looks in my fantasy as followed:

    Tier 1: Castle (unlocked through the first faction quest) and Tavern (build with ressources)
    Tier 2: The Hunters Hut (unlocks Bestiary for guild members, allows players to fight against all the monsters they have discovered enough, even dungeon bosses; needs special quest) and the Arena (allows to make friendly fights with guild members; build with ressources)

    Tier 3: Academy (it works like guild tech, players spend time and ressources to unlock special traits for all guild members, such as +2 Evasion to everybody; this could be only for PvE to avoid toxicity; needs special quest) and Outpost builder (allows to build Outpost portals which can be set anywhere on the map and will exist for 1 hour, these can be used as the normal portal to the base, they also can be send to other people; build with ressources)

    Tier 4: War Factory (unlocks Territory Wars; needs special quest) and Storage (allows to store stuff which other players can take, able to set the rights of everybody to this storage; build with ressources)

    Tier 5: The Garden (it is a place where Herblore grows; needs special quest) and Stylist (the guild own stylist which let the guild members change their makeup and haircuts; build with ressources)

    Tier 6: Alchemy Labor (gives various upgrades to the players tonic, unlocks new recipes; the Aroma potion could be acquirable here as a recipe, forcing the player to be in a good upgraded guild to brew it by himself; needs special quest) and Decorateur (unlocks decorations and building skins for the guild base; build with ressources)

    Tier 7 – The four towers: Every tower has an own special quest, one is for Sorcery, one for Dark Arts, one for Invocations and one for Charms (these towers can unlock new spells, or give the spells some perks; the perk system can be similiar to Diablo 3, you choose something like 1 heat less and upgrade your skill with it; these towers are also found in big cities, one big city like London has for an example an Invocation tower; this makes the players travel alot to go to the towers or they are part of a successfull guild to have easier access to these ones)

    Tier 8: Raid Boss Portal (big enemies with a high pool of life; probably should be unlocked alot sooner because they could be able to drop the ressources you need to upgrade the base; needs special quest)

    Well these are some ideas. There could be more than these buildings. It is important to give guild players too high advantages. The towers for an example should be foundable for all others players too but alot harder.

    Only short to Territory Wars as there is always a thread. Some guild buildings intertact with these wars as they will be the focus of fighting big wars between the factions. First after all will the Hunters Hut play a role because you will be able to tame monsters for these wars. Guild leaders and officials should be able to place the towers where they want to (towers can be reported when placed on private property and guild leaders and officials can even be banned from the ability to do so). The tower first is part of the guild andthe faction they fight for. Only players from other factions (not from other guilds) can attack the tower which has its own radius of influence area. The whole faction is able to help building up the defense of the faction. The whole faction in the influence area also gets buffs. The guild who owns the tower also gets some additional bonusses. So all guilds which belong to the same faction are automatically a kind of Alliance. In possible other features they could be enemies again but in Territory Wars which should be really big and impressive (guild can only have 20 member with max. Castle).

    And antoher sidenote. Upgrading buildings is always pretty expensive. So guilds need to choose which buildings are the most important for them and focus on them.

  • Can you make the system so invites have a range? This way you cant invite someone half way around the world and they never can get the castle buff

  • @zytho This is why there are Outpost Portals. Players who live anywhere else can build temporary Portals to visit the town. Particular buffs are worldwide. Being part of the whole Guild base system is only through the Outpost Portals worldwide (or you are sick and the Portal is 20 Kilometers away from you, just make a temporary Portal). But well this could be if wished of course another option.

  • I think the idea of having a guild for communication purposes would be nice. However, if your suggestion was implemented it would literally take over the game. After all, once you can grow ingredients you don't need to search for them. As well, all the bonuses make it so you really can't not be in a high level guild. Plus the fact that it would be incredibly complicated to implement, since it's practically an entire game in and of itself.

    Now some of the suggestions themselves, such as the stylist, or the tavern, I think can and should be implemented at some point. But they should be more standalone things. For example it was suggested that there would be a buy able potion (with magic dust) to change your look.

  • @aezora Well I love guild playing and as an AR game I would really love to see this game rotating a little bit around such a system. It should not be broken. Yeah it makes easier to get incredients but you are still able to search them. Yes there are towers which improve your spells but you cann still find them in the world. And so on. Only the Territory Wars should be a unique feature to their guilds and factions they belong too. There will be alot guilds out there. Hardcore guild and not so hardcore guilds. Everybody searches for what he want and he finds it. The stylist and some other things of the guild also can be found on the map. The base makes in the most points the gane more relaxed.

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