• I don't know if anyone had suggested this before me but I'll write it anyway. In my opinion it would be great that we got to own pets, like in HP every wizard or witch gets one, but it would be more interesting if pets in Maguss weren't regular animals like cats or owls but instead we get to catch one of the monsters (using some spell probably to bind one to you) for example imp, will'o wisp or forgotten spirit. Best for the game would be if they were purely cosmetical and had no influence in battle because if they did people would just go for high tier ones (which is bad for us casuals trying to enjoy game and not over-do it; and this isn't Pokemon). By making them being just pets people could choose to have or not have them and it wouldn't change any stats whatsoever in any way. We could just play with them with magic or do some other stuff. I know it's not much to begin with but it's an idea. Thanks for reading and please write down any comments if you liked it and care to expand it. Cheers

  • @masteraltair I'm not sure but I think this was planed to implement.
    Anyway in the future releases once the territory wars, I think you will be able to tame it and use to defend your tower or something like that.

  • Yea as you can see not quite same and I posted day before that one. That post suggests that pets should be used in combat which i am against because this isn't pokemon

  • There have definitely been non-combat oriented pet suggestions. I've probably seen 4-5 different pet suggestions altogether. It's on the list to be implemented so.

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