7 things a F2P players can do to support Maguss! You are already doing the last one!

  • Here's how F2P players like me can help keep Maguss development alive!

    Watch all 30 seconds Advertisement! Yes I know it can be irritating and breaks immersion, as a fellow game design hobbyist, I believe there are always better ways to implement in-game advertisement which I will share some ideas below.

    As Maguss enter Open Beta, they will require whatever fundings to expand their servers and maintenance to welcome the growing player base!

    I represent the major group of newcomers which enter Maguss Open Beta and plays the game as a F2P. and we won't want to invest real money until the game is launch officially.

    Here are 7 things you can do to support the development and get rewarded with Tokens! 0_1519441928760_Ads icon.png[Each 30 secs Ads reward you +1 Token]

    1. Daily Login Reward – Launch Maguss and watch to double your reward +1 Token
    2. Visit [Shop] > [BAZAAR] > Watch to Support! +3 Tokens
    3. Visit [Shop] > {EQUIPMENT] > Watch to Refresh goods +3 Tokens
      By completing the above 3 task you will earn 7 Tokens daily. Continue playing the game to earn more Tokens!
    4. Random Pop up support message +1 Token
    5. Boost Buff for 1 hour +1 Token
    6. Unlocking a Chest +1 Token
    7. Speed up brewing – 1 bazaar token – limited by the brewing materials

    The best way to earn Tokens and also a brilliantly designed reward system that rewards players according to the effort invested. As you play the game and collect herbs, you brew potions and this will allow you to watch ads to skip the waiting time and earn you a Token! I believe there is no limit set to how many tokens we can earn through this process.
    Tips: Brew and apply potions which give you a buff and at the end of the buff timer you will be prompted to watch ad to extend the duration of the buff!
    Get 1 Token and extend you Buff!

    So there you have it! Simply play Maguss, collect herbs, slay monsters and defend the veil! There is something for everyone to do!
    Thanks for reading~
    Evanesco~ "Poof!"

  • Point 7 is actually only limited by how much gold you have.

  • @antony-hollinsworth Thanks for pointing it out!
    Either way, it encourages and rewards both playstyles for those who prefer hunting monster for gold and those who walk around to gather herbs.
    Any recommendations on how I should spend my Bazaar tokens? Interaction Circle Booster can be helpful but I also like to exchange it for illusions to dress my character up.

  • Some of us have problem with starting the ad, sometimes it does not triggered by pushing the advertisement icon. I thought i have daily limit, or maybe this is just bug.

  • Global Moderator

    Very nice, thank you for this article <3

  • @greybow known bug

  • @trustin-neo said in 7 things a F2P players can do to support Maguss! You are already doing the last one!:

    1. Speed up brewing – 1 bazaar token – limited by the brewing materials

    Thank you very much for this hint. I honestly don't know about the brewing speed up and could kick my own ass, when I theink about, how much Bazar Points I missed allready :D (my brewing is at 25 and I only speed the breeing up since your post)

    Anyway, I think its a great idea, to earn rewards for the player and aat the same time, support the developer.

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