[BUG] Aroma & Allure Potions

  • I seem to be getting an issue with Aroma and Allure potions. Whenever I use them, no monsters spawn or are drawn into the interaction circle. On top of checking and making sure my connection was strong, I tried logging in and out of/restarting Maguss before drinking the potion and during the time when it was active.

    Has anyone else had the same issues/has anyone found a work around?

  • @cyars for me always worked fine, this happen you with all these potions?

  • For me alluring is working but aroma has no effect. Nothing comes

  • @coto013 oh sorry. Never tried with the allure haha.

  • @Yami Yeah this only happens with the Allure/Aroma potions. All other potions work fine.

  • My experience is that aroma/allure potions do not spawn any creatures on their own, they just pull in what is visible. It is highly likely that you will have at least one regular world respawn wave during the potion, but that is not triggered by the potion itself.

    Can we please get a confirmation from devs on what is the actual behavior of aroma/allure potions?

  • If you watch in landscape mode then you can watch exactly what happens.

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