[Bug] Incorrect Sorcery exp gained when launching different spells

  • This happens only against low lev monsters (high level ones require so many spell casting that the issue can't happen)
    Scenario 1

    1. Cast 4 times the same sorcery spell to kill the monster
    2. Sorcery exp received is 15

    Scenario 2

    1. cast 3 times sorcery spell A
    2. cast 1 time sorcery spell B
    3. cast 1 time sorcery spell A to kill the monster
      4. Sorcery exp received is 6

  • @ron-benvenuti

    What spells are being cast so perhaps we could all test it and see if it is repeatable?

    Keeping it sparky!

  • @robynoakwise try 3 times magic arrow + once Energetic Strike + once magic arrow again

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