Steal stil not working!!

  • As you can see, My steal went of, but his spell stil hit me, well, I evaded it, but it should be cast on him.. right?

  • @henric-melin said in Steal stil not working!!:

    As you can see, My steal went of, but his spell stil hit me, well, I evaded it, but it should be cast on him.. right?

    Accept your fate, rogues are the hard mode of maguss, a class with no usable class spells.
    The bug that you experienced is because the evasion is checked before the buff activation (if the attack miss is not reflected) and as a rogue your evasion rate is pretty high. Steal becomes worse as you gain evasion but a rogue with no evasion is not a rogue.

    With steal bugged, insight and reveal (buffs that exist to support steal) are worthless. Spirit daggers is worse than energetic strike in almost every scenario and alter reality true duration is instant (only works on the same turn that is casted) and the increase on evasion chance of alter reality is lower than the increase that ultimate evasion gives.

    5 out of 5 spells are worse than non class spells or just worthless

  • @coto013 calm down, remember it's beta, devs will surely change some spells if they feel the need to. Just be patient.
    And you are being too hard on rogue spells: Steal is still a great tool if you remember not to spend points on evasion while levelling. And evading once in a while is not bad anyway, who cares if you "wasted" 3 heat

  • @ron-benvenuti
    The only rogue spell that you have arguments to defend is steal.

    I dont think that not boosting a stat that defines the class its a good decision if you get the most base+bonus evasion of all classes and other spells (even if they are bad) focus on it.
    If you use any evasion buff the steal fail (not even miss, just fail) chance is very high; rogues have very high concentration, enough to make sure that buffs never miss (30 a base at max level and with ~40 is enough) so its hilarious to not being able to hit the most important class spell (3/5 spells are or focus on boosting steal).

    You say that a steal fail is not bad and i dont agree at all. Its not just wasting 3 heat you waste 3 slots and you dont cast a (probably) 3 or more slots spell that the opponent casted. Im not sure if it is a bug or not, but sometimes you get gain the heat of the stolen spell, so its not always just wasting 3 heat.

    I know that Maguss is in beta phase and i think the game is great, but it is a fact that right now rogues are the weakest class and lack the spell that justifies picking the class.

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