Best pve class/build?

  • Hi everyone, I'm trying the game and since it says me that I won't be able to change my class class once picked, which one is the best for pure pve? I don't like pvp so I'll never do it (if possible). I found many topics about this but they say different things... thank you!

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    You can do PvE as any class, but I think Paladin is the better one for that :)

  • Thank you!

    I was thinking the same, just someone said in another topic that Paladin has problems with high lvl mobs...

  • @valesian

    As Lilitian said, any class will do. As you explore how you like to play you will discover what works well and what may not.

    There are several almost exploitable ways to crush monsters right now and I'm sure those issues are being looked at.

    Keep in mind also that some monsters will require a different approach to defeating them.

    Keep is Sparky!

  • Yes, the problem is I don't know how the game works, I'd like to test all the classes a bit befor taking a permanent decisione. Can you create a second character later maybe? :-/

  • @valesian

    Perhaps checking the Discord channel #videos might help too.

    This will give you a run down if stats, as well as spells unique to the class.

    The challenge is certainly picking a class. The reason is they all have fun little perks and not one is more powerful than the other (broken spells of course aside).

  • @valesian You can make as many as you would like - as long as you make another account for each one.

  • Ok thanks :-)

  • @valesian For pure PvE, I would suggest Warden. Very good sustainability and grinds through all monsters. Not quite as fast and bursty as Paladin, but I have yet to face any monsters that I cannot handle.

  • Oh, and as someone who has played every class, I would say that Paladin is the easiest to work with, since you just crush anything with massive damage. However, it's not the most fun since you never really have to work for any strategy, you just cast high level damage spells till you win, and maybe a couple heals, whereas other classes require a bit of planning (in terms of spells) to really be able to consistently win.

  • Well how much i Druid love I also think Paladin is great for PvE. I also think Rogue is good for it. Why? I met alot monster which cast Replicate or Ultimate Evasion (alot of spells which increase the Evasion of the enemies). Paladins exclusive skill Dark Force never misses and Rogue has the highest Concentration (most likely to hit enemies). Druids Safe Space protects you from Inflictions what is till now not the big problem (I am at T6 monsters). Druids Chaos seems absolutely useless in PvE (unlike in Late Game PvP). Warden makes fights really long.

    I see it coming that Wardens will be great in group play (Dungeons), Rogues and Paladins in normal PvE and Druids in PvP (alot of really specialized spells like Silence and Safe Space aswell as the armor killer Chaos).

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