[BUG] Ranked Points Lost

  • While searching for ranked duels, I came across the same person multiple times who kept rejecting the duel. After the fifth-ish time, I hit accept as usual, but they didn’t press anything until the timer ran out. It then showed that I had hit reject, and I lost points as if I pushed the button myself.
    I don’t know if this was intentional, but I would hope that it can be made so the person who didn’t feel like making a choice gets penalized if at all, not the person who has been pressing nothing but accept.

  • Wait since when do you lost points for declining a match? It's never happened to me...

  • @aezora I happend to me once before, I pressed the duel button, and got matched with someone ten levels higher than me. So I backed out by declining, and lost points as if I had lost the battle.

  • Oh, sorry I thought you were saying that was normal.

  • Global Moderator

    This might be client - server communication issue. The devs know about this and trying to find a fix :)

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