[Suggestion] Rewards for PVP win

  • I would like to suggest some sort of rewards for PVP wins, beyond the competitive points and meager gold. It is possible this is implanted beyond adept, but no one has achieved it yet.

    I would like to see the possibility of a spell book or amulet dropping, say .5% half a percent, upon win. The phrasing would be something like "A passerby liked how you handled yourself in that duel and wanted you to have _____" or any sort of equipment. This could also be accomplished through traveling Bjorn.

    To be clear: I don't think we necessarily get too little, though the illusions are pretty steep in price, I think this is fine. However, I would like to see the chance of something dropping from a duel as a reward for engaging in the system, no matter how much or little.

    Thoughts? Would anyone else like to see the chance of something dropping?

  • If you give any adittional reward for dueling right now, the denies rate will grow even more.

    I dont think that item rewards in pvp is a nice idea, some players will start trading wins for the rewards and the whole meaning behind will shatter. If rewards are implemented it should be with a point system which denies win trading. If the system can be exploited, fashion and prestige rewards are the best option (what we have now) because it discourage abusive behavior

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    There could be restriction for duelling the same opponent multiple times in a row. Regarding rewards, there is gold, which increases amount with higher rank.

  • @lilithian I know there are gold rewards, but they are comparatively poor at the moment compared to player advancement. I'm sure it will become better as time goes on, but the system does seem pretty volatile.

    @Coto013 The point of the win reward is to be an extra incentive to actually play the duel. I'm not sure how it will grow the deny rate as people who feel they have no chance of winning already decline, and would continue to.

  • I think that he means it would grow the deny rate as people wouldn't risk losing to a fairly equal opponent when they could just wait to crush a lower level one, and get more rewards for doing so .

  • Maybe not a reward for the win, another reward just for participating.
    A load bar that charges with the combats done?

    At 10% you receive a material, 20% another better like this until 100% where you receive some fun stuff and then starts again.
    I like the idea used on the PvP of GW2 where you can choose different routes.

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