An idea to help the exploration skill going up / Increasing the farming interest in general

  • So as i said i got this idea last night while walking into my bedroom doing big gesture to make my phone GPS crazy and having a bit more range , so here i go :

    -Why not implementing Rare Mobs ?

    And by that i mean a Boosted version of a normal Mob , Being more difficult but bringing more rewards/XP/Golds

    The Conditions:

    • A fairly rare Spawn Rate (1/150 ; 1/200 , and by that i mean the number of mob the player need to clear before)
    • A Good Boost to its Basics Stats
    • The same sytem we got for the chest but to locate the mob

    Situation :

    A pop Up comes to you and say : A rare Monster Has appeared

    • 2 solutions :

      • 1 Your simply to lazy to go out and get it , and like me you have your aroma on and don't want to waste it (AKA : Being lazy on farming in your bed in this cold Winter)

      • 2 You take part to A mini Hunt Game , with a Detector (chest like) And the Mob Is revealed only if you go near Him

      You Find It (or not )and fight body and soul for the looty And Get Exploration XP

    End Note :

    If the teased Tamming System go one day go live , Those mobs would be once again harder to tam(Flee/low Chance to get it) But way more powerfull

    After writting It being Hard to find and to fight maybe is kinda too much so maybe doing one of those 2 things to be rewarded could be good enough Or A rare mob Would Be only to the Stat level , and we can Imagine An Elite Mob With the mini-Hunt Game added (But Really rare)

    Thanks For reading , Myrani /MystiqueFlame

  • I like the idea. I also added the link the the main suggestion page.

  • Global Moderator

    Hello, we already have similar concept listed in gameplay suggestions :) Keep the ideas coming <3

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