Regenerating Hit Points over time

  • I know that there is already a system put I place to regenerate hp My issue with it is it takes way too long even at level 1 exploration. I regenerate 2% every 50 minutes. I was only one night playing for a bit before went to bed, I come back again the next night before I go to bed and I have almost the same hp I did yesterday. Without crafting healing potions and getting the ingredients and improving them, there's no other way to really heal yourself. I'd suggest changing the time it takes to heal to 20 or 30 minutes per percent based on level of exploration instead of an hour. Then we can get back into the game right when were ready instead of having to craft potions and wait for them to finish to keep playing.

  • HP regeneration is based off of movement. Hence, your situation.

  • as @Aezora said, you just have to walk a bit :)
    another good way of healing is to fight low lev monsters and heal with spells before crushing them

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