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    Hello fellow Mages!

    I've just responded to a player who made below quoted article about mod and dev activity on official forums and I want to share it with everyone, because some of you might have the exact same questions and view of the situation :)

    Please, read below and consider that I'm not responding just to Aezora, but to all of you. Thank you for your support, you are a great and mature community and we mods are happy to be here with you <3

    @aezora said in Dev response Suggestion:

    @Maguss and @Global-Moderators

    So I don't know exactly who is behind @Maguss, and who (if any) of the Moderators are actually on the Dev team. Hopefully someone who I've mentioned is a dev.

    Basically what I am trying to go for here, is that I - and probably many other people - would like a bit more information on what exactly you are considering with each suggestion. Take for example the Territory Wars/Fortress thread. @Maguss said -


    Excellent points guys. We want it to be unique and fun. Thanks for all the feedback. If you think of anything else, please, let us know. We take this very seriously :)

    In that particular thread, my suggestion was after that post. Still, it would be nice if you said something like (again from the same thread, before your post) -

    Hey Siriusblack, the idea to have an instant notification when your fortress is attacked is a good one, and it's already being planned.

    or (for my idea)

    Aezora. the idea to have multiple levels of Fortress's is a good one, we might implement that later. However, the idea to have Fortresses cast spells would take a lot of work to implement, especially considering the AI.

    This would allow everyone else to not only see a bit of the direction things might be going in, but also allow people to refine good ideas that don't work into ideas that do. For example, had you said that about my spell idea I might then respond

    Well, I would be fine without the AI. Would it be easier if you made it so that the players chose the AI? Like if they could choose and say use this spell when a player's HP is lower than 150. If it couldn't work at all, maybe you could make it so the defenders have an advantage such as faster heat cooldown? Or more slots?

    So yeah. That's my suggestion for dev responses to suggestions. Also, I would appreciate (assuming you agree to do this) if you could show this to every dev who actively posts on the forums. Thanks for all your hard work!

    P.S. I realize, (being a amateur developer) that oftentimes you can't just say that something will be implemented (since it's still in the idea phase). I am not asking for that. All I'm asking for are the thoughts of the person who is reading the posts and commenting - what ideas they think are good, what they're going to bring up with the team, what ideas might work if some problem was fixed, and so on.

    (If you are a dev, please respond, so I know you saw this.)

    Hello @Aezora and all players, who are active on the forum

    first of all, I would like to thank you about the time you dedicate to not only play the game, but also trying to find new ideas and concepts for better gameplay experience for everyone :)

    Now to address our feedback to your suggestions. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the information that Maguss dev team is a small indie team, which counts less than 10 people in total. We are trying to keep in touch with community aswell as solving all of the individual issues on emails, FB messages. That requires personal communication and individual approach. And I'm sure you can imagine, alot of time, not to mention our not so big manpower.

    Dev team recruited some of the helpers, who are focused on the community. I am one of them. I also respond to support section, Discord, FB, organize official Wiki creation, QA test app itself and sort the suggestions you players make.

    I want you to understand that we appreciate the feedback. Many of ideas from players themselves make it to the list, to which have devs direct access. There, they review ideas collected by us from forums and consider them as next additions to the game.

    But we cannot personally respond to each one of you, telling you individual feedback on your ideas. That is simply too time demanding. I'm sure you have noticed that mods do respond, but please, understand that we aren't able to reach out to every single one of you. Also, devs cannot be active on the forum all the time, because they simply need to focus on game development itself. They are in touch with community through us, mods :)

    I hope you can forgive us if we don't respond in a matter of hours or even days. We promise we are going through all the posts, slowly, but surely. Keep the ideas coming and know they are being reviewed and categorized, then relayed to devs :)


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