Idea for party play.

  • I know of that some people like to play togheter with others. At least I do.
    So here I have an idea for how party play could work..

    To form a party, you must be within each others ring of influence. This wont be a problem, since the players in the party will most likely walk together. When within reach of each other one player tap the other players in the game (or maybe from a friend list or a nearby list) and on an invite to party button.
    I think 4 players is a good size for a maxed out party..

    If you ever move outside the other players ring, the party will be disbanded. This so that you cant wander off and hunt for stuff and stil get help from your party at the other side of town..

    When anyone (or maybe just the party leader) taps a monster and every player in the party enters the combat, and everyone helps with the fighting..
    When on the map (not fighting) the party leader have a special party screen, where he can arrange the party members into positions. The tankiest player is preferably placed in the front.

    How would a party battle work then.

    Firstly, all party members are visible on the left, the characters will have to be smaller so everyone fits.
    Everyone casts their spells simultaneously, as normal..
    at any time, you can tap an ally, this ally is now your target for buffs and healing. This way we can heal each other (keep the tank alive).

    The enemy will always taget the player at the front.

    If a player dies, he will be crossed over. And this opens up for a new spell, resurrection, that can resurrect a dead player. I wont talk details for this spell here..
    (Another thing to consider here would be to also have party heals and/or party buffs.. it would be the same as the spells that already exist, but the effect would be evenly split between the party members).

    If the party wins, the spoils are shared equally. That means, if a monster is worth 100XP and 100Gold, in a two player party, both gets 50XP and 50Gold, but in a 4 player party each get 25XP and 25Gold. this makes sense since the monsters will be way easier to defeat.

    But, the big point with this is to tie it in to another idea posted not to long ago by another user on these forums (sorry, don't remember your name), and that is unique monsters. They look like regular monsters, but are way way stronger than their normal counterparts. And are therefor harder to beat, and worth much more. So having by forming a party to take these down will not only be more fun, but also quite satisfying, since it will be a team effort.

  • Since "beasts" is the next big improvement that is being implemented, i hope that some of your ideas will be there (like target healing/buffing your mates in raid)

  • The raid bosses are coming so maybe not make a party for everything but maybe yes for just the raid monsters.

  • I like your ideas Melin, hope it will take in game by devs

  • Global Moderator

    Added the suggestions to the big list. Thanks!

    I link here my same idea just to be in one place

    And: i think that not only the first player (the tank) take all the damage from the monsters, but some pecent of the damage go over to the teammates. I dont want from the devs to make single target and area spell, not necesarry, but for example 10 or 20% of the damage taken by team first member will go further to the others. In this way the supporters will not be untouchable, battle will be a bit more fun

  • @henric-melin Great idea. And if any creatures are near the original one they will join him and help him kill the party.

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